How to Make Your Own Mamma Chia

“Chia was once so treasured, the Aztecs used to deliver it to their king in homage. Aztec runners used to chomp chia seeds as they went into battle, and the Hopis fueled themselves on chia during their epic runs from Arizona to the Pacific Ocean.”– Christopher McDougall in Born To Run...more


Growing up, I desperately wanted a Chia Pet.  I mean really, who didn't?  You spread the goopy, gloppy mixture on the top of the Chia planter and in days, you had a pet with a full coat of green hair!  Awesome.  And the jingle.  Ch ch ch chia!  It just stayed in your head.  Fun fact, the jingle was created by an ad exec pretending to stutter the word Chia.  One person's insensitivity is  advertising gold apparently.  Nowadays there is the original Chia pet plus a whole host of other designs.  Chia dogs, chia cats, chia Obama.  Anyt...more

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seeds for Better Nutrition!

I have been asked a ton lately about Chia seeds, and I have seen people snacking on them.  When I first saw it, I thought “hmm, it looks like a little bird eating a snack” but I had no idea how nutritious that snack really was….and I didn’t knowwhat it was either....more