Every Woman Needs a Roller Derby Alias…

My 20 year-old daughter recently tried out for the CT Roller Girls team.  While she didn't qualify, she will try again and what's more important, she and our family were introduced to the world of roller derby....more
@Peep Into My Life... I will check it out today! My Roller Derby story (so far) is here: ...more

What do you call a group of women friends?

What do you call a group of women friends?  Some might snicker and respond: Trouble, Dolls, Babes, Ladies, Gals?...more

We Want YOUR Story

Are there Chica Peeps in your life?Chica Peeps: a group of women who anchor, guide and nurture each other, often through humor; a sisterhood of strength and support...more

Chica Peeps Give-Away!

Chica Peeps One Year Milestone Give-Away! ...more
no gimmick - just a thank you to all the women who have supported, encouraged and helped spread ...more

“There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother ...” *

  My brother will turn fifty this month. Why is it harder to picture a sibling aging than it is your own children?...more