Two Chicago Community Organizers and the Nobel Peace Prize

Good afternoon. In 1931, Jane Addams, a community organizer in Chicago since founding Hull House a full 40plus years before, won the Nobel Peace Prize, for work she'd begun almost two decades before....more

The 2016 Olympic Bid: Something Rotten in Denmark

Not that I'm allowed to say anything that could somehow harm "our" (by "our," I clearly mean "Chicago's Mayor Daley") chances of getting the Olympics, but really. I mean, really....more

American Princess-Your posts are charming...and interesting. What a marvelous writer you ...more

Tattooed You at BlogHer 09

I got my first tattoo when I was 25, and I still love it. ...more

The additional backstory on your blog today really touched my heart. Your grandmother sounds ...more

AskPatty Attends (and Survives) BlogHer09

AskPatty attended the BlogHer09 conference last week and we're so excited to share our experience. Even though we have worked together for more than two years, this was my first chance to spend some real quality time with my editor Brandy Schaffels. ...more

What a blast! more

Things I learned at Blogher 2009...

From krameymartin. ...more

My Kind of Town, Chicago

I'm sort of amused to tell you that I write this from a campground in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. My belly is full of fried cheese curds -- hey, you gotta eat the local specialties -- and my hands are busy slapping mosquitoes. I've got a frosty Goose Island beer -- a yummy Chicago brew that snuck into the ice chest.  A couple of kids are running here and there, riding bikes as though they're flying. Our tent is pitched on a flat patch of grass next to an outboard motor boat on a trailer and there's a weird rush hour of golf cars buzzing about. ...more


 I know I've harrassed you enough about taking in the authentic delights of my ...more

Year of Science - July commemorates Astronomy

Year of Science - July commemorates Astronomy ...more

Explore Chicago on Foot: Tips and Fun Facts

This is a four-week series to help attendees explore Chicago. Please also visit Walking Tour One, Walking Tour Two and Walking Tour Three. If you haven't checked out the Chicago Walking Tours yet, and are looking forward to getting to know Chicago a bit, we suggest you look into them now. They're chock-full of history, architectural facts, hidden Chicago gems and some of the greatest shopping in the city. BlogHer community member Cynthia Clampitt created three tours, plus put together these tips and fun facts, and we couldn’t wait to share them with you. Read on for a great city guide about the city’s architectural history, expansive public parks, tips for keeping your bearings, and what to do near the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers. ...more

OMG I love this site. I'm already planning for next year. How much fun we cyber gals would ...more

Top 10 Things I'm Psyched For @Blogher09

In two days, I’ll be heading to Chicago to my very first blogging conference. When I started this blog seven months ago, I had no idea that there were so many bloggers out there. And now, I get to meet about 1,400 of them. Or at least 5. Including my roommies, (Rachel and Julia) who graciously are letting me crash in their room. ...more

More Ways For Moms - And Everyone - To Stay Healthy At BlogHer

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the unique experience of bringing a baby to BlogHer, and offered some tips to moms who were going to be enjoying - yes, really - that unique experience this year in Chicago. I've been thinking about that post a lot lately, because until, like, yesterday, it was looking as though I'd be one of those moms. Again. ...more

Excellent post. I'm leaving my babies (well, they aren't really babies, but my 2.5 yr old is ...more