Is there a Chicago-based entertianment blogger?

Hi, ladies. I'm back on this website, and I'm proud of it. I just want to tell you all that I'm still looking for a Chicago-based entertianment blogger, or freelance writer who can interview me about my three topics that are about soap opera stars making music and collaborating with my faves in the music-business, music-wise WITHOUT trying to make me famous. Someone  who's legit, someone who wants no money, someone who may be close friends with Oprah Winfrey, or Steve Harvey, someone who has integrity....more

5 Must-Do Chicago Attractions with Kids

Chicago is such an awesome city to visit: full of history, world-class museums, shopping, fun dining options and kid-friendly attractions. If you are thinking ahead to spring break or summer vacation, Chicago is definitely a place to keep on the list of musts for family trips. I have visited Chicago at least a dozen times over the years. Some trips were for business, some for a girls' only weekend, a few have been a one-day up and back Chicago day trip and, of course, the family vacation....more

The Best Pretzels in Chicago

"Productivity is important but how can I be productive if I have this one little thing in my brain? That I cannot get out. And that one little thing is a soft pretzel. So I'm just going to have my soft pretzel, then I'll get to work, and I'll be super productive. Look out for me."-Michael Scott, The Office...more

F^3 Lake Half Marathon [A Race Report]

Well, well, well...SURE, I'll run a half on the Lakefront in JANUARY...during a POLAR VORTEX.  To be fair, the high for the day was about four hours prior to race start time (10:00am)....more

Wordless Birthday [Yesterday]

Denise Thank you so much!  :)more

A Winter Get-Away to Chicago for People Who Like to Eat and Drink

Since Jax was born 17 1/2 months ago, my husband and I have not been away from home for longer than 24 hours. This time we took an airplane!I was excited to explore one of my favorite cities with my hubbie! It's no secret we like to eat and drink - this vacation was a glutton's paradise!For all you "foodies" out there - here's our eating and drinking itinerary for our winter trip to Chicago....more

Long Run With Built-In Drills [Also, It's Really Cold]

I seriously can't stand the treadmill.  I just can't.  I lose my mind during a shorty three mile run on that torture machine.  The beauty [sarcasm] of moving from one place with extreme temperatures to another place with extreme temperatures?  I will eventually have to jump on the stupid thing for long runs....more

First Day of 2014 Adventures [A Race, Noms, and Tradition]

Happy New Year!  I hope you had safe, wonderful New Year celebrations.  Harry and I hit up a very yummy "Modern Southwestern" restaurant calledMasa Azul, near some of our friends in Logan Square. We were happy to have tacos for the last Taco Tuesday of 2013, for sure.  We were also very anxious to just get home and avoid some of the madness that can happen near midnight, so we took off pretty early.  After ringing in 2014 with a smooch, we hit the sack....more

Here Comes 2014! [Resolutions and Such]

Flat Sue goes to #BlogHer13

For the second year in a row, Flat Sue made an appearance at BlogHer because Real Sue (As Cape Cod Turns) wasn’t able to attend (BUMMER!).  Because Melisa (Suburban Scrawl) was part of the BlogHer staff this year, I was given the task of making sure that Flat Sue had a good time (aka making sure she didn’t get lost or left behind like last year)....more