Jennifer Egan Wins Pulitzer Prize, Commits Girl-on-Girl Crime

When I found out that Jennifer Egan won the Pulitzer Prize for her novel, A Visit from the Goon Squad, I was thrilled. Girl power! That lasted about two minutes until someone pointed me to a Wall Street Journal post in which she calls chick-lit genre writing banal and derivative and that her advice to young writers is to aim higher. Oh goody, some literary girl-on-girl crime. ...more

* Sigh *

Two steps forward...three steps back...more

Q & A With Author Allison Winn Scotch

By Amber Allen-Saueroriginally published on

The Difference Is Four Percent

As if we aren't self-conscious enough about stepping through the looking glass of marriage and parenthood, occasionally something small occurs to crystallize a reality that we are no longer "cool" in the same way we were in our sing ...more

I read a few years ago about Victoria's Secret taking some heat for a similar thing. ...more

The Death of Chick-Lit? I Doubt It

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised last week when people started sending me links to an article called "The Death of Chick-lit" and then they started sending me links to the reactions about the article. After all, I read chick-lit and I'm not afraid to say it. Chick-lit is dying? Really? I've been listening to people proclaim chick-lit's death since 2007. Call me skeptical. ...more

Like you, I'm not ashamed AT ALL to say that I read chick lit. In fact, I love it as a genre. ...more

Feeling An Anti-Woman Bite from the Stephanie Meyers Collection: Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse

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