It's Beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas!....and chicken and dumplins I'll preface this by saying - dumplins.  Join in, D U M P L I N S. No 'g'. It's a southern thing.  Finally! We have freezing weather! While my phone keeps trying to tell me it's snowing, I'll take the freezing temps anyway! I'm waiting for the day after Thanksgiving to get out ALL my Christmas decorations and then I'll start doing this house top to bottom in Holiday-Ness! ...more

Chicken and Dumplings

Sometimes, your choices for dinner are compromised due to time, money and accessibility. The other night was one of those times. I was running very late getting home and needed to stop at the grocery if we were going to have any chance of eating dinner that evening. I was rushed, tired and not in the mood to plan a meal so I did what I assume most women would do in this situation – I headed for the prepared foods section of the market and grabbed a hot, fully cooked chicken. In my defense, I was in my local organic market, so I can only hope the chicken was organic too....more

Easiest Chicken & Dumplings

I love chilly days. They make me want to curl up on the sofa with a good movie and eat yummy comfort dishes, like chicken and dumplings. I was having one of those days on Friday. The weather was cool and I actually had to wear a sweater to work. It was then that I knew that it would be a chicken and dumpling day. Fortunately, I live close to work and was able to come home during my lunch break to quickly throw all the ingredients into the crockpot before I finished off the rest of my workday, but I'm sure you could do it before you ventured off to work as well....more