Blushing-Cream Roast Chicken & Red Curry Pot Pie

As I prepared to make this newly-created recipe, I had to bear the burden of hearing negative and worried comments: “You’re not making your usual chicken pot pie?” If it isn’t broke why fix it! “You’re adding CURRY? I don’t like curry!” Oh, my, but that’s awfully yellow. Do you think you’ve used too much curry? “I don’t really care for pot pies....”...more
@JourneyofLife Awww, sorry, Angela, I REALLY, really wish you could have been with us. Someday I ...more

Chicken Pie

This is another one of those blogged-the-same-day-as-cooked posts, well almost… It’s midnight and apparently I’m a hundred years old and need sleep. I’ve been meaning to document this recipe for a while but it takes quite a while to make. It’s also another of my recipes (much like chicken ala king and trinchado) that my friends always ask me to make for them.Chicken Pie ...more