Make your own baby food - Meat

In case you missed part 1 you can find it here.So I made chicken puree tonight and yes it looks as gross as it sounds, but oddly tastes just like mushy chicken.  Think the inside of a chicken croquet.I had ZERO idea how to make chicken mush so I did what I’m assuming everyone else does and Googled it.  Pretty much you can cook the chicken anyway and do anything.  Not helpful at all.  So I decided to do it the best way I could think of; crockpot it!...more

Cooking with Mangoes: Crispy Chicken & Mango Salsa - Aroma Cucina

Aroma Cucina A medley of flavor and texture contrasts. Another fusion confusion inspiration.  This one's a keeper. ...more

Arroz Con Pollo Recipe at Casa Florentina

 Smoky cumin, oregano, paprika and the honey-like taste from the saffron threads give this dish a distinct flavor and a visual pop.I prefer to grill the bell peppers and onions, even the tomatoes as I feel they really compliment the smokiness of the dish but you may saute them instead if you prefer....more

Korean Recipes Bring Spice to Everyday Cooking

Whether baked, grilled or fried, chicken is often the go-to dinner in kitchens all across the country (including mine!) While chicken is both affordable and versatile, I find that it's sometimes tough to make it, well, interesting. One solution to this dilemma was recently handed to me in the form of a new-to-me cuisine: Korean!...more

I am not really fond of spicy foods, until i was able to work as a tutor for korean students and ...more

Chicken Da Bomb: It's What's For Dinner Tonight

Ma, whats for dinner? The question every mom hates to hear. And then think about. Because if you don't know, chances are you'll end up making something quick and dirty (aka - not good for the family). I have two words for you: Chicken Divan. I know what you're's old school. Boring. Something you're mom used to make and force you to eat. But not this one!...more

Sour Cream Chicken Nachos

It's a bit over a week until the Superbowl, and I'm sure that your party menu is already planned, if you are doing one.  As promised, here's an additional post with a recipe using another of Brooklyn Salsa Company's products.  I've been having a great time this week making a couple of different dishes with their salsa, and I've passed out some hints to friends about other ideas for meals to make with a few of their flavors.  The Staten Island salsa with its tomatillo and tomato roots provides the flavor base for these Sour Cream Chicken Nachos (photo below).  The first time I had these was when I went to Texas to visit a friend from college.  It was love at first bite with the spicy chicken, cool sour cream, gooey cheese, and crunchy tortilla chips.  Back in Virginia, we didn't really have much Tex-Mex.  I'd eaten tacos with packaged seasoning and shells from a box, but that was about as far as anything resembling Mexican food ever got.  Well, except for the Chili con Queso I mentioned previously....more

Hummus Chicken

You can download a printable version of this recipe for free at Lots of other delicious recipes there, too!...more

One, Two, Three ... Forty Cloves of Garlic

A classic chicken recipe calls for 40 cloves of garlic! Shocking, isn't it? Not 4 cloves, not even 10 cloves, but 40! But home cooks love their recipes for 40-clove garlic chicken and work to perfect the recipes to match their families' taste. If you've not tried garlic chicken yet, I've collected several variations to get you started. ...more

I have never had flax seed oil like that but I will give it a try since it is also very good ...more

Need to Feed a Crowd? Try These Terrific Chicken Recipes

I love feeding a crowd of hungry family and friends. Long before the designated day, I pour through cookbooks and my favorite recipe blogs, looking for the perfect recipe.Then comes shopping for all those great ingredients. I wander down the isles, challenging myself to keep the budget down. This, of course, never happens.For days before, I start chopping and prepping. Pulling out all my party gear, and torturing my husband with requests to clean this, or pick up that....more

Ten Favorite Chicken Recipes for Fall

Hei-hei, summer! Hello, fall! Join me in turning the oven back on, warming the kitchen from the inside out. Food bloggers are cooking inside again, tucking roasts into Dutch ovens, chopping root vegetables for roasting, baking bread and cookies and sweet apple crisps. And for easy suppers, there's nothing more popular than chicken, especially for eash weeknight suppers. Here are ten not-to-miss chicken recipes from ten of my favorite food blogs. Just Serve and Savor! ...more

Oh I love the pesto dish, I must make it again soon. Thank you for including ...more