Coke Chicken Stir-fry

COKE CHICKEN STIR-FRYTo be completely honest with you all I did not make us this recipe and I don’t claim to. However I could not tell you the person whom I got it from many years back…....more

Coconut Braised Chicken

 To be perfectly honest, I truly enjoyed cooking this dish in my new Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron Round Dutch Oven, just as much as eating the most delicious braised chicken I have had in a while....more

Crispy chicken thighs recipe.

In my quest for a great roasted chicken recipe, I’ve FINALLY found one that lets you walk away & return 40 min later to perfectly crispy roasted chicken.  My new favorite weeknight chicken recipe, try it, you’ll love it.IngredientsChicken thighsParchment paperOlive oilSeasonings: my favs are pepper, Cajun, onion & garlic powder...more

Dove's Lunchonette Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Green Chile Chorizo Gravy

 This is my version of a dish was inspired by a recent visit to the Dove's Lunchonette in Chicago, Illinois....more

oven-roasted harissa chicken - a la Ottolenghi!

I haven't picked up the  Ottolenghi cookbook yet and this is temmmmptttiiinnnggg me. It looks ...more

Quick chicken sandwich

Dear readers,No better choice to satify your appetite in no time. A delicious chicken sandwich, made of succulent chicken breast shallow fried in extra virgin olive oil with just a few spices.Served over warm slices of sandwich bread made of soy and other variety of grains from the wheat family. The tender and juicy strips of chicken topped with crisp lettuce, asiago cheese, chopped olives, and balsamic vinegar dressing. Quick bite, amazing flavor, just right!...more

Baked Three-Cup Chicken

This baked Three Cup Chicken recipe lets you cook the best chicken with minimal effort. Use this method to create the most flavorful, tender, and moist chicken with crispy skin. ...more

Simple Fall Harvest Grains with Chicken

Happy Fall, friends!...more