You Laugh Like A Chicken...

Soy Maple Chicken

Cristinahttp://isaynomato.comSkip to RecipeLet's get something straight: Canadians do not say ‘aboot’....more

Tuscan Chicken Zoodles

Summer produce is fading fast and the cooler weather will be here before you know it, but I just had to share one more zucchini noodle recipe with you before all of the farmers' markets close for the season.  These Tuscan Chicken Zoodles are a match made in heaven. Seared Tuscan spice rubbed chicken served with creamy ricotta zucchini noodles and ripe juicy cherry tomatoes. Here's how I made it:...more


Chicken salad is so underrated. I only make it when there’s a potluck or a picnic because it’s so portable, but every time i do, i’m always reminded of how tasty it is...This turned out to be a tasty, hearty meal full of healthy fat and protein that was so easy to make (only 3 steps in the instructions!). And it’s naturally gluten-free and dairy-free without having to substitute anything which i always appreciate! [Read more]...more

Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

Cristinahttp://isaynomato.comGuys... I have fall on the brain....more

Chicken Piccata

What is piccata? Piccata is a way of preparing meat. Meat is sliced, coated, sautéed and served in a delicious sauce. Piccata originated in Italy using veal. Since I can’t bring myself to eat veal, chicken is the way I roll. It’s a super easy, week-night, one pan dinner (this makes me very happy during clean up time)....more

Steamed Chicken & Minced Meat With Salted Egg To Make A Pot Of Wealth

I love how the colour of this dish turned out to be so rich and intense. The yellow from the ginger and the tender bisque from the chicken wings gave the dish an overall glow that beckons conspicuously to meet its fate....more

Ranch Chicken

Delicious, fast, and easy!!! Who doesn't love that combination right there, that's the way all life should be right? Bite into this ranch chicken and your mouth will be salivating for more.A Mama Happily Interrupted: Ranch Chicken...more