The Christian Chicken and Civil Rights

Linds here.

What I Learned About America from the Chik-fil-a Kerfluffle

I don't normally talk about current events or politics on this blog because I just don't. But this Chik-fil-a thing has gotten out of hand. It's a good example of how the adults in this country have devolved into spoiled little children....more

To Boycott Chik-fil-A or Not to Boycott?

The other day a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was boycotting our local Chick-fil-A based on her disagreement with their corporate moral and ethical policies.  Since I was out of the loop, I naturally had to go Google Chick-fil-A and see what recent events prompted this strong sentiment from my friend.  Argh.  I had no idea that CEO Dan Cathy decided to publicly state his views – and thereby tie them to his company – condemning same-sex marr...more

Occupiers on a mission

They looked friendly enough. They were chatty, they were in tents. The tents were in a parking lot. The tents were clean and orderly. They had lawn chairs, and sleeping bags. The area was trash free. Children made new best friends and played ball.A faint hum of quiet chatter hung in the air. Vehicles were parked in orderly fashion nearby....more

Happy Tax Day? It's Time to Get Free Stuff!

Today is tax day. Most of us dread it. Especially those of us who are procrastinators. According to the IRS approximately 27 million people waited until the last week to file. ...more