Why Tell Anyone You Were Abused As A Child? Six Reasons.

There are some stories I hear as a therapist I would never repeat.Not only because of confidentiality.Because I don't want someone else, who has not been listening and learning for 20 years, to have to cope with the horror of how parents can abuse their children. Or what an older sibling can do. What children can be forced to watch. To experience.If you can imagine it, no matter how cruel, it has happened to a child.Maybe it happened to you....more
JasmineJazzy No thank you Jasmine. Your story is just like many I have heard... I am so sorry ...more

Child Brutally Beaten While Witness Videotapes The Entire Incident: Brace Yourself... This One Is Hard To Watch!

As I was scrolling the feed of shame on Facebook last night, I stumbled across this video. I must warn you that it is very graphic and would suggest you read my article before watching as the images will continue to linger in your head for quite some time afterward.And I can almost guarantee that you will feel my rage! Click image to read on... ...more

When We Have Crippled Ourselves with Absolutes

 "If you understand it, then it is not God."  - St. Augustine When I was a child, I made messes, as children do.  And, as parents do, mine would ask me to clean my room.  I would begin, not by tidying but by enlarging the current mess.  This perplexed and frustrated my parents, and I in turn would also feel frustrated, because they could not see, could not embrace my process. ...more

Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!

Hmmmm ... my post from earlier has gone buh-bye. Fortunately it can still be read at my regular blog site: http://bettyfokker.wordpress.com/2014/04/07/calling-an-abuse-survivor-a-... See y'all there!...more

When a 3-year-old comes home from daycare with a broken nose, who do you blame?

Let me preface by saying that I do not like morning shows... Except one, and I tune in whenever I get the chance because I'm guaranteed a good laugh (or two, or sixteen); but not today. Today they had a caller on, as a follow up to a series of other calls from the previous day. The caller was the aunt of a 3-year-old girl who allegedly came home from daycare with a broken nose (sort of)....more

Abuse Next Door

The afternoon felt like an episode of the popular John Quinones television show What Would You Do?  But I knew it was no act. I've watched the scene play out too many times over the past ten years, only this time the situation was much worse, his rage escalated to a point of no return.These were no actors. These were neighbors....more

Child Abuse | Sexual, Physical and More

It is never easy to see a child who has possibly been sexually abused. It's especially not easy when the family tells you that no one other than family members have every been with, cared for, or babysat the child....more