I can handle the abusive drunks. I can handle the tweekers who are “talkin’ to the devil.” I can handle the annoying drug seekers who are being seen for their weekly “dental pain” fix. But what I can’t seem to handle are the “walk in the door with my dead baby” parents....more

Are Fat Kids' Parents Guilty of Child Abuse?

I was a little shocked to learn that a Cleveland, Ohio 3rd grader was removed from his parents' custody because he is obese. Granted, I need to lose weight, and perhaps that influences my opinion -- but it wasn't intuitive to me that having a fat kid is child abuse. By the way, I am using the term fat intentionally. It is all well and good to soften a message with politically correct terms -- but there are some topics that I think deserve the impact that the harsher words bring to the table....more
Portion sizes are much larger now than they ever were back in the day, even actual plates and ...more

NaBloPoMo Day 28: Balancing the Four Rooms

This is an excerpt from: Balancing the Four Rooms on TouchstoneZ...more

I am Woman, Hear Me Roar. My feelings regarding the recent sex-abuse scandals.

Read the full post here.  If you're a Momma like me, the recent scandals at Penn State, and now, ...more

Nov 18: Dreaming the Truth

Nov 18: Dreaming the Truth This is the final installment of my Iowa posts....more

I Am Not Giving Up

Yesterday, I got this email in my inbox:Dear Jo,Thank you so much for sharing your story on BlogHer.com – I’m so glad it was able to reach so many people. I’d like to feature your follow-up post today on the homepage of BlogHer.com....more
@Hopin2bHappy Thank you friend. You all supporting me helps me be brave.more

Where Has Morality Gone?

NaBloPoMo: Has Anything Traumatic Happened to You?

NaBloPoMo BlogHer Prompt: Has anything traumatic ever happened to you? Describe the scenes surrounding a particular eventDental Tools*There is a trigger warning on this post for child abuse and survivor’s guilt*...more

Guest Post at Raising My Boychick: Uninvited

Today, I am deeply honored to have a guest post at Raising My Boychick, entitled “Uninvited.” We all struggle with parenting at times. This is what it’s like for me to parent as I recover from trauma....more

Riled Up/Call for Change

Have you seen that video yet about the 16-year old girl that secretly taped her father beating her with a belt for 8 minutes? Me neither. Actually, I watched the first 30 seconds. I couldn't make myself go on. But here's an article that will fill you in on the details: click here. And it's not just the beating that's horrifying, but him screaming at her that he's going to beat her "into submission" and her mother telling her to turn over and take it like a woman. Yeah. She said that....more