NaBloPoMo: Has Anything Traumatic Happened to You?

NaBloPoMo BlogHer Prompt: Has anything traumatic ever happened to you? Describe the scenes surrounding a particular eventDental Tools*There is a trigger warning on this post for child abuse and survivor’s guilt*...more

Guest Post at Raising My Boychick: Uninvited

Today, I am deeply honored to have a guest post at Raising My Boychick, entitled “Uninvited.” We all struggle with parenting at times. This is what it’s like for me to parent as I recover from trauma....more

Riled Up/Call for Change

Have you seen that video yet about the 16-year old girl that secretly taped her father beating her with a belt for 8 minutes? Me neither. Actually, I watched the first 30 seconds. I couldn't make myself go on. But here's an article that will fill you in on the details: click here. And it's not just the beating that's horrifying, but him screaming at her that he's going to beat her "into submission" and her mother telling her to turn over and take it like a woman. Yeah. She said that....more

Cry to Heaven

Have you ever read that book?  It was one of Anne Rice's earlier novels.  Historical fiction so well researched, so lushly written, that it read as life.  As fact.  I read it as a teenager, during my semi-goth phase, when all things supernatural and all things sex were wicked and fascinating and so much more interesting than my boring, tedious, limited life.  Cry to Heaven is the title because the characters are Italian Catholic and that is what one does when everything hurts....more
Thanks, Virginia. I'm not very good at taking at easy, but I'm trying! I think my Mum is using ...more

Birthdays, school and more travels!

It is official; we have been here for one month! We had a big week of birthday celebrations; school started for me, and more travels.  It is absolutely amazing here this time of year.  Perhaps I am in love with my surroundings, so it may be impossible for me to find anything to dislike, but only time will tell.  The pines of Montana are nothing short of majestic but did nothing to prepare me for an autumn of such color.  My surroundings are mainly deciduous and have just begun to turn.  I can hardly wait!...more

Unfinished Business

He did it.This Boy who screamed and clawed, slashed and kicked, burned and threatened and then begged to be held.  This Boy whose biological mother gave him nothing.  And who fought every day to get back to her....more

Lights On or Mouths Open?

In a well-intentioned movement crossing the country, people are leaving their porch lights on in honor of Caylee Anthony. Impotence in the face of tragedy is a common and terrible feeling.  But there is far more that can be done to remember a doomed child then turning on a light.Christian Choate was 13 when he died.  He had been imprisoned in a pet crate, a cage, in his parent’s home for over a year before he perished, starved and beaten.  People had known about the abuse, but nothing was done to save him....more

The Children Are Back!

My memory was fractured in early childhood. I have always been able to recall with great clarity the house and neighborhood in which I grew up. We moved in when I was four and live there until the summer after I turned seventeen. To this day I can close my eyes and take a detailed tour through our two-story home and up and down the street. However, until recently no people animated this inner playback. No parents, no siblings, no one –and our block was filled with children I played with as a child....more

The Casey Anthony Trial Begins

I write for EmpowHER - a women's health website and many of the questions asked in our Community and our Groups are questions about being a parent; for example, the physical, emotional and sociological aspects of life as a woman and mother.  One thing we clearly see is the genuine concern, fears and passionate love our moms have for their children. Which is why such horror is expressed when parents (allegedly, in the case of Casey Anthony) kill the children that the rest of us would die for. What are their motives? Are they mentally ill or just evil?...more

My Stepfather Molested My Daughter

I continue to be asked over & over again "WHY DID YOU START YOUR WEBSITE?" I want everyone who reads this to know EXACTLY "why" ........more