Half Orphan

In the Preface to my book DARKNESS OVERTURNED, I explain my pen name. There are several reasons why I chose for myself the name EsthersChild. The Esther of biblical antiquity had neither father nor mother ―and in a real sense, neither have I ...more

About That Two-Year-Old Who Smokes Two Packs a Day

By now you have probably seen the video of the Indonesian two-year-old smoking. I am not going to post it here, but if you haven't seen the video Amy Grindhouse has it on her site. Poor little Ardi Rizal has a two-pack-a-day habit, and he probably isn't even three years old yet. ...more
Do they not have some kind of child protection services there? Because that child needs to be ...more

Modern Day Slavery in America: Sex Trafficking in Oakland Is Big Business

Oakland Local, a web site run by BlogHer Contributing Editor Susan Mernit, is running an original investigative series on youth sex trafficking in the Bay area. This story is reposted from that series at Oakland Local. It's nearly midnight on a Thursday and teen-age girls are on every corner of International Boulevard in the dozen blocks stretching south from 41st Street. Many are dressed up. But this is not prom night or a concert letting out. ...more

This, and many more horrors, have continued on and on and on, for lifetimes. Let's hope ours ...more

When Do You Say Something About How Another Mom Treats Her Kids in Public?

I was heading toward the entrance of our local zoo the other day with my little one already crashed out under her lime green, canopy stroller. As I pushed the stroller off the walkway and into a larger area, I saw a boy around nine years old on the ground while a woman yelled at him. ...more

We must all step up and be the protectors of our children. This behavior is unacceptable and ...more

Protect A Child, Speak For A Child, Save A Child - This Month, And Every Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. When my editor, Denise, proposed it as a topic for a post, I leapt at it. How timely, I thought, given the child abuse scandal that is currently embarrassing the Catholic Church and challenging the faith of many. Child abuse should be of concern to us every month, of course, but now more than ever seems a very good time to talk about it. ...more
In my country if we mal-treated child we call the hotline to report the abuser even though their ...more

Why I'm Blue

Every now and then, we do a post that isn't food related at all, but rather related to something that has a special place in our hearts, and this is one of those posts....more

What We Can Do to Stop Child Prostitution in the United States

If you haven't already read the story of the 15-year-old Trenton, New Jersey girl who allegedly prostituted herself and her 7-year-old stepsister, prepare to be outraged. But then I hope you will join me in raising your voice and taking action, because this tragic case, unfortunately, is one of many. ...more

Thank you so much for this excellent article on child trafficking and child prositution in the ...more

Who Am I If Nobody Needs Me?

Big Fat Trauma Queen   My daughter is ten. She is becoming more independent every day. I have to let her keep growing away from me. To do otherwise would be abuse of the worst kind. But, oh - is it hard.   ...more

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And you are right - I am totally enlightened about ...more

Celebrating Turning 18

by Lily CasuraSeventeen years ago Wednesday, I knelt on a carpeted floor in a rented Seattle apartment, tilting a carrot cake I’d just finished baking and decorating with a big numeral “1” in grated carrots, with a single candle – towards a toddler I’ll call Eli, wobbly and uncertain on his feet, supported by his mother’s protective grasp....more

Shaniya Davis, Dead at 5, a Story Nearly as Ugly as the Movie Precious

CNN and bloggers report that the body of 5-year-old Shaniya Davis of Fayetteville, NC, has been found. Earlier today 200 people searched for the child's body after police received a tip that she was dead, say news sources. ...more
Everything has to be race related these days... Why is that? This poor, defenseless, beautiful ...more