Shaniya Davis, Dead at 5, a Story Nearly as Ugly as the Movie Precious

CNN and bloggers report that the body of 5-year-old Shaniya Davis of Fayetteville, NC, has been found. Earlier today 200 people searched for the child's body after police received a tip that she was dead, say news sources. ...more
Everything has to be race related these days... Why is that? This poor, defenseless, beautiful ...more

Baby Ink: The Right to Tattoo Your Child

A 7-year-old wants a gang tattoo just like his daddy. Awe, that’s so sweet. So daddy holds him down while he gets it. Hmmm, are we liking this parental freedom or not? I’m sure you can guess what the story is about, but now it is going to a judge. Is tattooing your minor a form of permanent disfigurement that can land a parent in jail with a life sentence? Maybe it’s something less than a mayhem charge? That remains to be seen....more

Being A Genius Does Not Excuse Raping A Child

Roman Polanski is a genius. No doubt about it. He's even pretty charming, really. It does not change the fact that he entered a plea of GUILTY to "unlawful sex with a child", and can, at least in my mind, be legitimately be called a child-rapist.That is not charming....more

Thanks for those posts Melissa.

This quote attributed to Luc Besson by one of ...more

Jury Overruled! MySpace Mom Acquitted of All Charges

My MySpace profile lists my age as 90. I did this at some point in 2005 to avoid the amount of messages I was receiving from men using the site to find prospective dates. This is my choice, and one that worked very well for me, even if I was, in fact, in direct violation of MySpace's terms of service, which state that all users must submit “truthful and accurate” information about themselves. ...more

This is such an interesting topic to me....I was somewhat torn between each side.  I knew ...more

My childhood affected my future

I am so excited about getting this thats been weighing on my heart for so long, I can't wait to just know how God will use this to help me. I will start from the begining, this story is like many that are kept in secret and never revealed. It hold deep and very dark confessions that I think I was the only one to struggle with and I hope to find light at the end of this dark tunnel that has held me captive ever since I can remember. ...more

How to land

by Jennifer Harvey    ...more


This one will take as long as it takes, but it’s important. A few nights ago, my doorbell rang and I opened the door to find a few adults standing there, along with a little girl and a dog. “Do you know who this girl belongs to? I found her wandering by herself by the mailboxes,” one of my neighbors asked. ...more

powerful stuff. she was lucky to go to your house. as I am to read ...more


by Jennifer Harvey  A very long time ago, my dad taught me how to throw a spiral football pass. Not a bad thing for a person to know, and not a bad skill for a girl to have in her back pocket, something to pull out when she needs to up her cool chick factor by a few degrees. ...more


I took the afghan from the laundry basket where it had waited two days for me to fold it in fourths and put it back on my daughter’s bed. It never feels right in my hands, though - and if it’s possible to have a complicated history with a thing, I do with this afghan. ...more


What does an uncontrollable and hot-tempered 4 year old shooting his nanny indicate? Does this imply lack of discipline? Are they turning into monsters? Read the entire discussion HERE  ...more