How to land

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This one will take as long as it takes, but it’s important. A few nights ago, my doorbell rang and I opened the door to find a few adults standing there, along with a little girl and a dog. “Do you know who this girl belongs to? I found her wandering by herself by the mailboxes,” one of my neighbors asked. ...more

powerful stuff. she was lucky to go to your house. as I am to read ...more


by Jennifer Harvey  A very long time ago, my dad taught me how to throw a spiral football pass. Not a bad thing for a person to know, and not a bad skill for a girl to have in her back pocket, something to pull out when she needs to up her cool chick factor by a few degrees. ...more


I took the afghan from the laundry basket where it had waited two days for me to fold it in fourths and put it back on my daughter’s bed. It never feels right in my hands, though - and if it’s possible to have a complicated history with a thing, I do with this afghan. ...more


What does an uncontrollable and hot-tempered 4 year old shooting his nanny indicate? Does this imply lack of discipline? Are they turning into monsters? Read the entire discussion HERE  ...more

Why I'd Be A Bad Mother

As the months roll by we've yet to make a decision about whether or not to try to have a baby.  I say "try" because I'll be turning 41 exactly one week from today.  Though everybody tells me they think I'd be a great mother, I have evidence to the contrary.  Here's a post from my personal blog about why I'd be a bad mother.   ...more

Nebraska's Abandoned Tweens and Teens: Parents Use Infant Safe Haven Law to Dump Older Children

I have been turning the Nebraska child abandonment cases over in my head since I heard about them last week. First, two children were abandoned--a mother abandoned her 11-year-old son at one Nebraska hospital and an aunt left her 15-year-old nephew at another. Both adults indicated they couldn't handle behavior problems. Next, Gary Staton, widower and father of 10 dropped off nine of his children because he could not afford to care for them any longer and feared they'd become homeless. He said he believed the children would be better off without him. ...more

I think it was possibly the best thing Staton could do if he didn't have lights or running ...more

Peanut Butter And Jelly

We were warriors together from our earliest days, standing together in defense as children against things too terrible to speak of even to those closest to us.    ...more

I'm glad you found her. I'm glad you have the chance to share more birthdays with each other. ...more

Say 'No' to Babies: Texas Judge Tells Young Woman to Stop Having Children

We've heard this before. We may have even said this before: "Some people should not be allowed to have children." A Texas judge has put that belief into action: ...more

Not only is the line fuzzy we don't know who it points to.  One may become one million, but ...more


It feels like self-hypnosis, what I’m doing. In order to move my pen forward, my mind has to go back, even further back than the small paragraphs in my head that I’ve used for so long to say what happened back then. This is different. It has to be different. To tell the truth of what happened, it seems that I have to live it again. I had hoped I wouldn’t have to. I had reasoned that I know the stories so well, after all these years, that the telling could be matter of fact. ...more