Stage Moms

I was priviledged yesterday to go to two different casting opportunities yesterday for young kids. One for my own child and the other for our Musical theatre Troupe at our Theatre. I was so delighted to see supportive parents, being advocates for their children, and realizing that the different casting agents wanted to see their children succeed. Not once did I find a “Toddlers and Tiaras” mom or a “Dance Mom.” By not having to deal with pushy parents, were able to focus on the children and what their true talents were....more

Should my Little Star Shine?

Most parents shy away from having their child participate in Theatre because they wonder if it is truly practical. Join Drama as we answer some questions from parents as their children enter the performing arts.The 5 most asked questions about the impact of performing arts on child development....more

8 going on 28

I'm sitting in the waiting room of a large and reputable bi-coastal talent agency. Thankfully, I already have theatrical representation, but I'm in search of a commercial rep for some extra cash.  Look for me on the next Tampax commercial. Or better yet, Valtrex.  Oh, yes.  If the price is right, I'll go on national TV and claim I have herpes.  No problem....more

The Selling of Cute

At the risk of drawing your ire, let me just say this: The little girl on the left is cuter than the little girl on the right. ...more