leading up to week 34 of pregnancy...

Unfortunately not getting any answers is a very dangerous thing. I start googling my diagnosis, trying to look at only legit medical sites. What I find on the web MD and later the medical encyclopedia doesn’t only scare me it shakes me to my core. All I did was type in my diagnosis and all these scary facts on what can happen to the fetus come up. I refuse to internalize what I read but the more I read, the more freaked out I get. I find the diagnosis stated on my ultrasound (I actually get the first report printed by signing a bunch of paperwork and being annoying enough)....more

Making it to 32 weeks and beyond

The next week goes by fast, I am proud of myself for keeping her in even though I’m literally doing nothing. I have it all down to a routine, the early mornings, the breakfast burrito (actually pretty decent) the bad daytime TV, the Caesar salad for lunch (no chicken), the checking of the vitals, the temp, the blood pressure, the drawing of blood, the urine tests. I call my mom to check in daily of course and my sister calls me on her lunch break, I text a lot and e-mail with my friends and I am actually feeling fine....more

first few days in hospital...

The next day they immediately roll me in to the ultrasound room in a wheelchair with the IV still attached to my arm. I carefully maneuver the huge rolling IV stand with multiple bags of fluids and medicine as the first side effects of dizziness, stuffy nose, tiredness and chills hit. The nurse tells me that this is normal, carefully places me on the narrow bed (they are all really treating me like an extremely fragile china doll) and puts a blanket over me (I really do feel ice cold)....more

Dr. Mom getting admitted to the hospital continued

Dr. mom is getting admitted to the hospital continuedI’m left with the nurse for the third time, she is being very nice but it’s really difficult for me to internalize what she is saying right now. Less than two hours ago I was blissfully unaware that something was wrong and I thought I was just going to one of my regular doctor’s appointments....more

Dr. Mom getting admitted to the hospital

Dr. mom getting admitted to the hospitalHer colleague turns out to be a pretty, bubbly young woman whose name is also Jenny. She winks her eye and jokes about the annoyance over being called “Jennifer” all the time even though her full name is just “Jenny” just like mine (does she not understand the seriousness of this situation: what if something is really wrong with my baby?)....more

How Long Does it Take to Get Pregnant after a Vasectomy Reversal?

There are approximately one-half million vasectomies performed in the United States annually. Despite the fact that this procedure is intended to be a permanent form of birth control for males, 5 to 10 percent of men who have undergone a vasectomy later seek to have it reversed....more

Dear Breasts: An Open Letter from Mommy

Dear Breasts, We’ve been avoiding eye contact, and I know it’s been awhile since we last spoke. Recently, we both said some things we didn’t mean. I guess we’ve always had a difficult relationship. As a teenager I put pressure on you to be someone that you weren’t in order for me to keep up with the other faster growing girls. I apologize for the time my mother caught me smearing you in Hellmann's mayonnaise because my friend Amber Scott told me this was the best way to make you grow. Needless to say, we were unable to make potato salad that night....more
Ladies I am sooooo sorry for this late response. I honestly didn't know (nor did I think) that ...more

Drug-Free or C-Section: Giving Birth Is the Least Important Thing You'll Do as a Mom

How important can birthing be to motherhood if someone else can do it for you and it doesn’t affect the way you mother at all? It is kind of an ordinary biological process when it comes down to it. And if that is the case, it can’t really matter that much to your baby if he or she is born au natural in a birth center, or if you’re opened up for retrieval. I can pretty much guarantee that your baby couldn't care less. The end result for them was the same. I’m not arguing that birth is not important. I’m just arguing that it is a moment. And it is a moment that, in the long run, doesn’t really matter to your baby at all....more
"I’m not arguing that birth is not important. I’m just arguing that it is a ...more

The best advice I can give right now

My sister-in-law is pregnant with her first child. My brother said she wanted to talk to me because I’m an “expert” in this area. Granted, I do have three children but they are young (9, 5, and 2) and I’m the first to admit I really don’t have any plan as to what I’m doing. This is all done on instinct....more

Great advice! And so true.

Shannon regularly blogs about the trials and ...more

C-sections- Five Years & Beyond (Part 1)

Five years has past since my first and only C-section.  I shared my experience, and my feelings about my C-section last week in the post, My C-section- Five Years Later.  This was the third part in a series of C-section posts I have written.  The first post in the series, The Reality of C-sections, has generated a wide va ...more