Marketing FAIL

I, like nearly every blogger who has been around for awhile, get a great many PR pitches in my inbox.99.999% of them go straight into my trash I am not interested in promoting anything for a company, nor do I care to tweet or otherwise pimp their product. One I got on Friday caught my eye. And not in a good Way. It was "Moms Against Cooties" - which is just a terrible name. It was this sentence that set my chaps on fire, however:...more

Kids With Special Needs and the Child Care Minefield

Did you know that all U.S. child care centers and home daycares have to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), no matter how small the operation is? Yet parents of kids with special needs are routinely turned away from daycare, or forced to lodge legal complaints against child care providers who do not provide the accommodation their kids are legally entitled to. I recently spoke with Jana Burke, Project Director of the Rocky Mountain Disability & Business Technical Assistance Center (DBTAC) ADA Center, about the rights and issues surrounding kids with special needs and day care....more

As the mom of three kids with a rare disorder, autism, and epilepsy, I went through the process ...more

Trusting Parental Instincts: Tips for Choosing a Child Care Facility/Preschool

Baby Steps There are many parts of parenting my young fellas that tug at my heartst...more

didn't mean to post yet... still working... be back soon

I am not one to get on soap-boxes (typically), but there is so much ignorance about Childcare. ...more

Child Care for Stay at Home Parents?

Not a lot of blog time today, I really shouldn't even be on here as I should be getting my kids up and ready for school, then power clean my house and pack for our exciting spring break destination of Northern Alberta!  Seriously though, we're going to visit the hubs' family and celebrate his Grandma's 92nd birthday!  Anyways, just a quick, more of a question blog post today.  If you are a stay at home parent, how often, if at all, do you use any form of childcare?  I'm not talking about the babysitter on a Friday night so that you and your significant other can ...more

What to look for in a Preschool and Kindergarten Program: A Professional Viewpoint

This week, two different people asked Me for opinions about Kindergarten. And by Me, I mean Actual Living Me, the person they know in real life. Because Real Life Me is occasionally distracted or at a loss for words, I sometimes don't answer a question as fully as I would like. Given a few hours, my brain starts to overheat and think of all the things I wanted to Say, but forgot, or got sidetracked or overheated in my opinions about something else....more

The Nanny Files: Finding the “Right Fit” for Your Family

Delusional Ideas ...more

About ME!

I suppose my first post should be explaining who I am. I'm married for the second time and just celebrated my 15th anniversary.  My 'childhood' marriage only lasted a few years, but gave me some fun times, great military travel, and a beautiful daughter!  I'm 44 years old and the mother of three now:  BK, girl, is 23 years, JT, boy, 13 years, and KA, girl, 10 years. ...more

Pay Equity is the Starting Point

Achieving equal pay for equitable work seems like a reasonable goal, and yet, should women finally arrive at parity in salary, we will still have a long way to go to realize true equality. As a divorced mother of 2 teenage daughters, and their legally designated primary custodial parent, the economics of raising children go far beyond simple pay equity.  ...more

Don't Make Me Put You in the Naughty Chair: Supernanny is Back

ABC's Supernanny is back on the air tonight, launching its sixth season of naughty chairs full of wild things. I'm happy Nanny Jo is returning. I don't watch it every Friday, but I do like a little Supernanny now and again because it stirs up a juicy conflict for my inner reality-show-loving child. ...more

SpendWisely, you don't need to say that "sadly" you use Supernanny to help guide your ...more