The Nanny Files: Finding the “Right Fit” for Your Family

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About ME!

I suppose my first post should be explaining who I am. I'm married for the second time and just celebrated my 15th anniversary.  My 'childhood' marriage only lasted a few years, but gave me some fun times, great military travel, and a beautiful daughter!  I'm 44 years old and the mother of three now:  BK, girl, is 23 years, JT, boy, 13 years, and KA, girl, 10 years. ...more

Pay Equity is the Starting Point

Achieving equal pay for equitable work seems like a reasonable goal, and yet, should women finally arrive at parity in salary, we will still have a long way to go to realize true equality. As a divorced mother of 2 teenage daughters, and their legally designated primary custodial parent, the economics of raising children go far beyond simple pay equity.  ...more

Don't Make Me Put You in the Naughty Chair: Supernanny is Back

ABC's Supernanny is back on the air tonight, launching its sixth season of naughty chairs full of wild things. I'm happy Nanny Jo is returning. I don't watch it every Friday, but I do like a little Supernanny now and again because it stirs up a juicy conflict for my inner reality-show-loving child. ...more

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Child Care: It Never Gets Easier to Choose

My daughter started kindergarten this year, and because we wanted to ease her transition, we left her in her normal daycare for before-and-after-school care instead of putting her in the program run by the public school system. Even though it cost $200 a month more....more

I live in London, and we have the same issues.  Next week my kids will be out of school ...more

À AIMER: The Joys of Getting Sick in France, Part Four

 Today the Washington Post reported that the Senate Finance Committee's health care reform bill, if passed, "would require people to buy insurance or face penalties ranging up to $1,900, to be assessed on their income tax returns."...more

Pre-School Dirty Harry

My approach to bad behavior: ...more

We Should Be Ashamed

Not only do we lack a basic understanding of the way our government works, but we also don't give a flying f#@! about our most precious resource, OUR CHILDREN. As Canadians we should all be ashamed. ...more

What Will Michelle Do?

The Obama girls, Malia and Sasha, are so adorable. They make America smile every time they skip onto the stage with their father, and we're communally delighted to know their good behavior during the campaign will be duly rewarded with a puppy. ...more

John McCain’s Wrong Answers to Working Women’s Questions—Now Give Him Your Answer at the Ballot Box

Don’t get excited. John McCain didn’t respond directly to the questions about his positions on economic and reproductive justice we (Carole Joffe and I) first put to him on Labor Day and have been asking him ever since. ...more