Please Not Again

Jolie's dad came & got her today. This has me worried. A couple weeks ago, his sister was supposed to bring her home from a trip to the beach. But instead she let Chris take her. When she didnt show up with Jolie, I called. Then I called Chris & he said he wasnt bringing her hom He wouldnt even tell me where she was. He works 2 jobs so I knew he was at work. I called his mom and she said Jolie was with her dad. He would tell me she was with his mom. I couldnt file charges because neither one of us has custody. I eventually went up to Martinsburg to file a custy order and get her. ...more

David's shoes

To this day, I cannot drive past the K-Mart near my house without feeling instantly sad and fighting tears. It's been 12 years, and even though I don't consciously think about it, just the sight of the building is enough to make me reach for my tissues. ...more

That memory was from something that happened more than ten years ago, and we have all invested a ...more