Let's Play a Game of "Remember When..."

February 18. On this date in 2000, my first son and I were hit by a red light runner at the intersection of Grovers and Cave Creek. He was 17 months old and killed immediately. Seven years later on the same date, my sister found our father who had died in his sleep. He was 53 and unaware ofthe heart disease that was slowly closing all the necessary pathways to and from his heart....more

What is Your "In Lieu of Flowers"?

This past weekend I attended the services for a twelve year-old girl from our school who passed away after a month-long illness including extensive hospitalization. It was a terrifically sad event. My heart broke to pieces when I heard the news of her death. She's one of those kids at school that everyone knows....more

Great comments, I really appreciate them all.

I have heard from my children that there are ...more