Things Change

Well, what was supposed to be a relatively brief hiatus from the working world has turned into an indefinite pause. There is more than one reason that my time as a stay at home mom may continue over the next couple of years. Don’t get me wrong, I love being at home with the little guy. However, I also love being able to make a financial contribution to our household....more

Bonding with Baby and Building a Secure Attachment

The concept of “attachment” when referring to relationships and child development goes way beyond the parenting method (and has been around way longer!)  While the methods of Attachment Parenting aim to build a positive relationship and healthy attachment, they are many ways to nurture healthy attachment.So what exactly is “Attachment”?...more

iPads are Why Your Baby Won't Get into Harvard

Your kid may be the best screen swiper of all time, able to create giggle-inducing hairstyles in the Toca Boca salon app, but all those iPad hours are keeping your child from building the skills they need for future endeavours, including fine motor skills. We've long heard about how devices are affecting social skills, but now we're also hearing about how a lack of imaginative play can affect children long-term, behaviour-wise and skill-wise. ...more
A little too late- oops!more

Could my Laid Back Style be Harming my Children?

It seems many mommies I know are having life revelations this week which is strange because I had one too.  While I’m still no closer to “Picking a Path” than I was six weeks ago, I have realized through a series of recent events that I’m not bitchy enough.  This probably sounds like a good thing, but let me explain....more

"You Know What" Envy

I'm sorry, Love, but Mommy just doesn't have a penis.--- Me, to Munchkin, at least once a weekMy son, like most boys his age, has a penis.I, like most women my age, do not....more

Infants are Intense

Infancy is intense.  Not to brag, but we rocked the newborn stage.  Well, Levi rocked it.  He slept for four hours at a time for the first two months.  He weighed less than 10 lbs and I could hold him so easily in my arms.  Now, at nearly 4 months we are weighing in at about 16.5 lbs and 27 inches long.  Unbelievable....more

For My Daughter

She folds herself into my lap, her frayed blanket between us, and the weight of her is a feeling of home. Her body's warm from the sleeping. Her breath smells of milk and sweet dreams.Nevertheless, every day the baby in her fades. She's slipping into the world beyond sippy cups and training pants, into a play-land of babies she's Christened and named.Susie. Elizabeth. Annabelle.I am the Mama, she says in a whisper. I keep them safe....more

Electronics for Elementary kids

I'm pretty much finished with our Christmas shopping this year, except for Anna and my niece, and some soccer gear for the twins. We don't do a huge Christmas each year, in fact in 2009 we did it all for $400 or less. The budget was a little bigger this year with the addition of another baby, but it's still not outrageous. We try to keep their expectations reasonable when it comes to gifts on Christmas and birthdays, because they are so blessed throughout the year....more

I'm a Loner, Dulce, a Rebel

Dulce loves people. When she was younger, she would run up to strangers and ask to be picked up. She is constantly looking for ways to involve you in her life. She's a social maven. She doesn't like to be alone. ...more
I don't have twins, by my two children have similarly different personalities. Giving them each ...more