How to Support Your Child's Personality Development

Your child's personality is determined by various factors but your attitude toward your child will influence how their personality develops and how they feel about themselves. Here's a way to support who your child is that can also offer you valuable lessons for your own personal growth....more

What can babies see? See the world through baby-colored glasses

 What can a baby see? How can you help your little one’s visual development?...more

I'll Never Be Who I Want To Be

I had a shitty weekend. Like really bad. Let's be honest, this whole year so far has been a downfall and that's been made clear in many of my previous posts. A lot of times people use their blogs for fun posts, or fluffer posts, or just a hobby or sometimes, to be real with some shit. I've fallen in to the "real with some shit" quite a few times and that's what I'm here to do again today. But this time, I'm taking it way back and I'm going deep. I was going to do a Draw My Life, as I mentioned a couple months ago. But I have no idea how, so I'm gonna start with this....more
Hi Kelly. I can relate to what you're going through from messed up parents, to foster care, and ...more

The Trick to Understanding Children's Behavior

"If there is anything that we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves."– C.G. JungI cannot believe my oldest finishes first grade tomorrow (sniff)....more

Couture Clash: Tutu Soon, Too Too Much!

I was not born a ballerina. I did not emerge from the womb on pointe, nor did I wear a tutu instead of a diaper. -Gelsey Kirkland, from "Dancing on My Grave" Today I was confronted with the issue of tiny tutus once more. My two and a half year old is in a pre-ballet class. Does this seem a contradiction to my passionate dislike of tutus for young girls? I don't think so....more

My Child Hates Me