Normal Child Defiance or ODD? 3 Ways to Cope with “Bad” Child Behavior

All parents can relate to the times when our children throw tantrums, scream, and have public outbursts that leave us feeling anxious. Whether your child is crying over a toy they want in the department store or pitching a fit over candy in the supermarket, this behavior is never fun for parents. We know that acting out is usually just a part of growing up--children almost always learn that this kind of “bratty behavior” is unacceptable and they learn to stop....more

I Don't Like Spanking My Kids, But I Do It Anyway

I was spanked as a child. I wasn’t beaten, I wasn’t thrown around. I was laid over my fathers knee and would get a couple of good wallops. It wasn’t done excessively, only on an as-needed basis. For me, that “as-needed” would come around much more often than it would my sister. One of the small burdens of being too much like my mother. The point is, I wasn’t traumatized. I didn’t feel abused. I felt as though I deserved it and, looking back as an adult -- I did. I don’t like spanking my kids. In fact, I usually give them numerous chances and warnings to straighten out the problem before I do....more
Judith Liebaert  you are a moron. Your "argument" is based on no scientific fact, but is merely ...more

Crime & Punishment

I love the stories where someone else’s kids do something stupid. First, it makes me feel good to know my kids aren’t the only ones who get into trouble. Second, I like to hear what the parents did to address their children’s transgressions, because if my kids haven’t done it yet, there may will come a time when they do....more

Parents Need to Be Concerned about Sibling Bullying

Parents do not always realize when they are creating a monster in the family. What happens when you have one child who is more dominant than their brothers or sisters, and uses this control to bully their other family members. This is what happened in my family, both my sister and I have disabilities, while our youngest sister is supposed to be the healthiest member of the family. The reality is that Joan Shensky is a bully to are older sisters, because as a child she got away with bullying everyone....more
Please be advised this is a one sided blog written by someone that is very angry. It does not ...more

Bad Mommy

Before I start getting labeled as the "Bad Mommy" let me just firmly establish my views on physical retaliation. I am very against it! Whenever one of my children has been hit or smacked, pulled or punched by the other sibling, I always tell them to tell Mommy or Daddy and we will administer the proper punishment of the offender. I don't tolerate or condone physical retaliation and truly believe that if my children are ever faced with a physical confrontation, they should just walk away and tell an adult (preferably Mommy or Daddy). With that being said, the following excerpt will be a complete contradiction of the above statement...The other day, my daughter was out in the front of our house playing with the other children in our compound. I was in the kitchen preparing a snack when all of a sudden she came through the door teary eyed. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that one of the kids hit her in the back. I went outside and told her to point out to me which kid and she did. It was the neighborhood "Rascal". This three year old little Tasmanian devil can be such a rascal at times. He's often left unsupervised by his parents and nanny and frequently hits other children. I went up to him and firmly told him that what he did was wrong and he shouldn't hit other children and that he shouldn't' do it again.I can tell from the blank look in his face that what I said just went in one ear and out the other. So I told my daughter to stay away from him. I then went inside to finish preparing my snack, when this time our nanny came in and said, "Mam, he did it again. He just ran towards her then as he passed he hit her." Now I can feel the anger starting to arise in me, but in a controlled manner I went out again and confronted the little rascal. This time I told him I will personally tell his mother what he's been doing. He willingly came along as I knocked on their front door. No one answered. I knocked again and still no answer. Well clearly even his own parents did not want to deal with him and were either asleep or purposely avoiding me. So I turned to the kid and said, "If you hit my daughter again I'm going to have to put you in time out." Again with the blank stare, but I figured if no one will discipline him I mind as well give it a go.Curious as to whether he would heed my warning, I stood outside the door and watched him like a hawk. And wouldn't you know it, within just a few minutes I saw him running towards my daughter with one hand raised. I shouted "HEY!!!" from across the courtyard so loud that I'm sure it woke up every napping individual in the compound. That was it. I lost all my motherly inhibitions and good sense.I ran up to my daughter, stared her squarely in the eyes, and right in front of the little rascal I said, "If he ever tries to hit you again, I want you to kick him as hard as you can!" My daughter is definitely not the violent type. This is a little girl who would let her baby brother beat up on her and pull her hair while doing nothing, but call out to mommy to make him stop. Then I looked at the little rascal and said, "Next time you try to hit her, she will kick you and it will hurt and you will cry." I figured it was better than me personally threatening him, so I put it on my daughter.I know...I know. I'm the "Bad Mommy" that just told her daughter to kick the living daylights out of a three year old toddler whose only fault was having irresponsible parents who didn't care to discipline him and let him run rampant shouting in people's windows at 6 AM in the morning....more

As much as I did not want to go that route, his 'no where to be found' parents left me no ...more


Time out - no thanks!

It's been pouring here the last couple of days and I'm a bit tired of it. When it rains like this, the only things I want to do are cook, eat, and watch movies. So, that's all that has been happening at my house.Really, not that exciting....more

Learning To Say "No"

I would imagine I'm not alone in thinking there's not a whole lot of the word "no" being directed at newborn babies. But who knows, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there are some moms out there who lay down the law about wrong and right behavior from the get-go. I mean, we do that with puppies, don't we? My son Mylo is almost 6 months old and he is beginning to do things that require the word "no" become more common place in my vocabulary and yet I am finding that word difficult to say....more

A Little Grace Goes A Long Way

A few weeks ago I was rushing around the house getting ready to leave for our two week vacation.  We would be flying out and the kids and I would be driving back in a new-to-us van.  I tried hard that week to not procrastinate, to get everything done, to not stress myself out at the last minute--you know, my usual MO.  I did have most everything packed a couple days in advance, but my house was a complete disaster.  I had neglected laundry for far too long.  To make it worse I had decided to go through all the kids' and my clothes that didn't fit and organize them....more