China's Smog Problem

I spent a week in the Chinese cities of Beijing and Xi’an recently, and in the entire seven days, I never saw the sun or sky.That’s not because the sky was stormy or overcast. It’s because the air is so polluted that, more often than not, it’s cloaked in a thick grey haze that even obscures the tops of office buildings....more
Diane, This seems like an example of how American multinational corporations offload the cost ...more

Newsflash (or Not): Indoor Play Centers Are Gross (But How Gross Are They?)

We were recently invited to a playdate at a local fast food place with one of those play centers; we declined. I have many reasons, but if you ask my sons, they will tell you that indoor playplaces are “dirty and germy.” I fully admit to passing that information on to them so that I wasn’t the bad guy saying “no” every single time. I made this decision long before I had kids and watched a child throw up the food he had just eaten as he slid down one of the slides. I may be a killjoy with a side of germaphobia, but it turns out I’m right: They’re gross....more
I worked at a McD's as a teen when we had one of these indoor play areas built on our store.  We ...more

Why Your Child Should Have a Pet

    This is Ryu and Po (we named our dog Po from the movie Kung Fu Panda since he is all black with some white patches- he basically looks as if he could be a little panda bear!) at the park yesterday. We rescued Po when he was just 6 weeks old from an o...more

Should an 8-yr-old get a bikini wax?

What happened to childhood? A new salon trend has girls before they reach puberty getting a "virgin" wax. Sounds outrageous to me. My big question is why? Evidently moms are scheduling virgin waxes for their young girls because they think getting a wax treatment at an early age will prevent future hair growth. That's news to me. I have never heard my pediatrician bring up virgin waxing as an option....more

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A friend just sent me an interesting link to a recent NYTimes ...more

A Mother's Guide to Medicine Security - Chapter I

As parents, we never want to determine our kids sick. It is frequently painful for us to see our children in discomfort and it is also hard to comfort them when they don't realize why they're sick. Sickness leads to bad moods and cranky children, which in turn leave mother and father frustrated and often the entire family gets stressed out when sickness invades the home....more

New Reasons To Be Afraid, Very Afraid: Bath Toys And Baby Slings Are Bad

There is, it seems, no end to the things that can cause harm to your family. Strollers, playgrounds, sippy cups, plastic toys, painted toys, toys with removable parts... pretty much anything that is a fixture in family life, it seems, is a hazard. Well, now you can add bath toys and baby-wearing to that list. Are you a parent? Good luck sleeping at night. ...more

My girls have been taking baths since they were born like everyone else's, with bath toys and ...more

Did We Need to Throw Out the Plastic Baby Bottles: Who Should We Trust?

We've all heard about bad plastic.  Some of us have thrown out the baby bottles and sippy cups with bisphenol a or BPA, the suspected toxin.  But is it that dangerous?  It's hard to know.  Just this week we've received two very different verdicts... ...more

More Nuttiness Over Nuts

Some smart doctors think we may be getting too hyped up over peanut and other nut allergies. Okay, at least one smart, doctor.  Harvard doc and prof, Nicholas A. Christakis, writes in a recent British Medical Journal column (This Allergies Hysteria Is Just Nuts) that our culture of nut-free tables and the like may be doing a disservice, overstressing the real risks of food allergies, including the often serious peanut allergy. ...more