How to Feed a Baby Saltines (for Neurotic Moms Like Myself)

  Oh, here's a saltine!  Flaky and easy to chew!  This will be great.  Uhm, it's kinda big.  I don't think she would take a small-enough bite.  So, I'm going to break it up a little...<...more

How Old is Too Old? I'll Let YOU Decide

Dear Delilah,Your father and I are selective about which vaccinations you get and when you get them. This means that you end up going to the doctor's office more often than most babies for vaccination-only appointments to make sure that you don't get what we consider too many shots at one time. Yesterday, I took you in for one of these vaccination-only appointments. You were a delight to the other patients in the waiting room, by the way, "reading" your book, smiling and waving at everyone, and "talking" to the fish in the fish tank....more

Child-led Weaning: They Aren't Going to Nurse Forever

A little more than two years ago, I wrote about my experiences nursing a preschooler. At the time I discussed the fact that my nearly 4-year-old daughter was still nursing and how I never planned or expected to be nursing a 4-year-old, yet it just happened. ...more

I breastfed all 6 of my kids at least until 8 mos. My 6th I am still nursing, and she is 13 mos ...more

The Cuddling Rebellion: The Bittersweet Transition from Baby to Toddler

So this is why you get pregnant again!! ...more

You have nailed it. This is totally why I want another baby. Good work, detective!


Child Led Weaning

An online friend was gracious enough to post my breastfeeding story on her site recently. I thought my blog readers might enjoy it as well. ...more

Attachment parenting also happened very naturally for us although I only nursed the oldest ...more