Malawi Chief annuls 330 child marriages

In a country where half of girls are married before age 18, UN Women played a key role in lobbying for a new law that raises the legal age to wed, while raising awareness and working with traditional leaders to annul marriages. ...more

The Battle Against Child Marriage: One Step Forward

Many little girls in the western world dream of the day when they will become brides, imagining themselves the most beautiful, special, and celebrated person in the world on that magical day.However, for many girls around the world, marriage is not far away – and with it, all the responsibilities and duties of a wife....more

Girls Speak Out Against Child Marriages

Once in a while, a story comes my way that needs to be told. In a country like India where child marriages are common and sometimes a necessity, it is a fact of life and girls are not heard. Most often than not, girls are seen as commodity that can be given away as wives in their teen years. While these families look at child marriage as a way to help the family financially, it has brought numerous people, most especially women, to protest against it. ...more
It is an inspiration when I was in India years ago the young women informed me the age of ...more