Going for #2: Zayne's bouts with constipation

Yesterday I told you about my reunion with my five-year-old ward Zayne Mojica; I forgot to tell you that I would be with him for two days.So on Tuesday, I was with Zayne and all went well except for some old issues that I’ve discussed in the past.Today I discovered that he’s still having problem with his poop or as we call it between me and Zayne “the #2” or “number two.”...more

What Does It Mean When A Preschooler Only Semi-Potty Trains?


A Tale of Two Potties

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". That's how I feel.I don’t know what it is really and the weather today isn’t helping. Most days, I find myself just feeling blah. Do you know how that feels? To have no desire to really do anything. I don’t want to watch TV, don’t want to read and I definitely don’t want to potty train these boys....more
Hi, I am sorry I just saw this post and it's towards the end of January. How is potty training ...more

Picking my Parenting Battles

There are two things I am not going to have a battle of the wills with my son about right now: night time dryness and vegetables.He has enough trouble falling back to sleep when he wakes in the middle of the night that I do not want him to start worrying about having to stay dry. He will obsess about it and then no one will get any sleep - EVER! He will get frustrated and upset and drive us nutso!...more

The Anatomy of Potty Training

It's been an on again, off again battle to get 'lil Man to truly go on the potty on the regular. What can we expect? He just turned two, so (in my mind) it's still very early. Arianna started around that age as well and was fully "good to go" a few months later. But, I know, it shouldn't take months. Here's the "anatomy of potty training" when it comes to 'lil Man.Step 1: Shriek, "I wonnna potty!" and pull at pants.Step 2: Begin to pull pants down, regardless of where you are in the house....more

It Takes A Special Kind of Mother: Bad Parenting Decisions

Have you heard the latest?  There’s a new outrage being talked about in not so quiet voices, about the latest leader in the Mother of the Year race.  This one beats the beauty pageant mom who admitted to using Botox on you little girl.  This one even tops the tanorexic  mom who reportedly took her daughter into the tanning room with her.  This mom, really is your have eaten lately, you might want to come back.  This mom, took her twin daughters to a restaurant for lunch.  Not a fast food grab and go restaurant....more

When to start pre-school

http://mybabybirds.blogspot.com/ ...more

The Golden Rules of Potty Training

It’s the afternoon of the sixth day of potty training, and I’m finally ready to talk about it.I’m declaring myself an expert.  Because I have a blog.  And I can make lists.  And that’s how the internet works. (Which by the way, I’m harnessing and making my bitch from now on….the Internet, y’all.  Because I’m feeling a little better after my temper tantrum last week).So here goes.The Golden Rules Of Potty Training (Week 1):...more
Did it work? Is he trained yet? My son is 18 months, and we are putting the potties out for him, ...more