Husband And Wife Clash In Potty-Training Battle

Dear Tazi:  I am ready to lose my mind! I have a wonderful daughter who is almost three years old. She is on track or exceeding all of her milestones with one exception: she refuses to toilet train. I have tried bribing her with rewards, punishing her by leaving her in a dirty diaper for longer than normal, forcing her to use the potty and pretending the potty is no big deal – all to no avail. ...more

Potty Train Thing 1, Check

After we got rid of the pacifiers, I mentioned that my next goal was to get Thing 1 potty trained.  I mean, he turned 3 in December and really my goal was to not have a four year old in diapers.  I think there was a couple of factors in waiting so late to do it.  One was that when John turned 2—which I guess is the age people usually start—I had a 3 month old.  I just wasn’t interested at the time.  And then we moved, and then I thought I’ll just wait ‘t...more

Hey! I was told potty-training girls was easy!

If you've had an easy way to go with potty-training your kid, count your blessings. Count them nice and slow and maybe do it a couple times. I was told by multiple mommies that potty-training girls was a breeze. That is was SO much easier than training boys. So when my sister in law trained her son at 1 1/2 in record time I thought, "Dang! Potty-training Athena is going to be a walk in the park!" Well, it's been a really long walk in the park, in snow, uphill both ways....more

Potty Training

I think we are least with Harper. I can't remember the last time she had a mistake however I still slip on a diaper after she falls asleep at night just in case. When I ask her if she wants a diaper she always says no and if she has a mistake she gets very upset and embarrassed about it. I'm not sure why. She never got yelled at or reprimanded for having accidents. Now her sister on the other hand, that's a whole different story. She may have an accident a couple times a week and definitely needs a diaper at night and during most naps....more