Cussing 2-Year-Old Removed from Home, Sparking Racial Tensions in Omaha

Did you ever take a video of your toddler saying a swear word, either on purpose or accidentally? A two-year-old in Omaha has been removed by protective services after a now-viral video of the parents cussing at him resulted in a joint investigation between Omaha police and Child Protective Services. A Facebook post by the police cites "safety concerns" as cause for removal. ...more
"Cultural" does not refer solely to African-Americans.more

11 Children Removed From Texas Home: Who Is to Blame?

How well do you know your neighbors? Would you know if seven separate families lived in one home? Would you know if they tied their children to beds during naptime? Would you be totally caught off guard if 11 children were removed by Child Protective Services from a home on your street? It happened in Dayton, Texas, and neighbors were surprised. ...more
I like to think I would notice. But I don't know our neighbors very well. Everyone tends to ...more

CPS Showed Up at My Door: An On-Going Lesson in Consequences

I received a knock on my door this afternoon, and when I answered it I was met by a small, blonde woman who announced that she was from child protective services and she needed to talk to me. If you've never had that experience (and I hope you never have), let me try to describe how it feels. Your heart starts racing. Your mind starts spinning, frantically trying to recall something -- anything -- that could warrant a visit from CPS. I was in full panic mode, but trying my very best to hold it together. Or to at least not pass out....more
I am so sorry. This happened to me (not b/c of a blog post but a crazy neighbor I will write ...more

Blogger Warned By Court to Stop Showing Kids: Should You Worry?

I've got my own ideas about what I am comfortable putting online in regard to my family, my friends and my job. What feels right to me, might feel wrong to someone else, or vice versa. However from time to time a situation blows up on the blogosphere and while that blogger's experience may not mirror mine or yours, it may cause us all to reflect on some things about it anyway. Such was the case when a mom in Georgia posted an update on her Facebook page stating she had to promise the Department of Family Services in her county she would stop blogging and vlogging about her children. Initially folks kind of freaked out, I mean, how many of us have blogged or vlogged about children? ...more
"Made-for-TV movies and the media have done a fabulous job of making social workers appear as if ...more

Even Shady Pasts Can Lead to Bright Futures

This post has been a long time in the making. The story is hard for me to look back on and harder to tell, so please bare with me and be gentle in judgment. In a lot of ways I'm like a first time mom with Kairi. There are a lot of very public ways, like that I breastfeed Kairi and I didn't with Gracie, I babywear, I co-sleep... There are a lot of very different mothering techniques (I guess) that I am using this time round. But there is also one very big, very private way that I am a first time mom... ...more

Tips for Protecting Your Child From Sexual Abuse

Breezy Mama Elizabeth and I recently applied to become volunteers at our local YMCA. In order for our applications to be accepted, we had to take an on-line course that covered protecting kids from sexual abuse. After completing four 15-20 minute “modules” on-line, we – two mothers of three – were TRAUMATIZED!...more