My Child Hates School - What Should I Do?

My kid was humiliated by a teacher when he was 6 and now he doesn’t enjoy school. What can I do to help him like school again?photocredit...more

How to Raise a Happy Child

My best friend is pregnant. If you read my blog, you know this already. She sent me an e-mail the other day with some book titles and asked if I read any of them. They were books about raising children. She wanted to know if I think reading books on how to raise a happy, calm and healthy baby is worth the time and effort. I read probably three books on this topic in my life....more
@Angeline1611 I am so glad you enjoyed reading it! Thank you for your comment.more

A Mother's Job

My husband started an online debate.  This is nothing new.  He posts something that he knows will stir people and he waits for the comments to come flowing in.  He doesn't start the day thinking what can I do to get people riled up, but he writes and speaks about controversial topics fully intent on defending his position with Scripture.  Then there are times when he writes totally obnoxious things about various sports teams or political shenanigans.  But that is a whole other story. ...more

How do you want to be remembered?

Yesterday I was stopped at a red light.  As the light turned green I slowly veered right when I saw three teenagers crossing the crosswalk.  I stopped, being the good and responsible driver that I am, and waited for them to cross. Like many teenagers, they took their sweet time. Moving at a snail’s pace they even paused briefly in the middle of the intersection to laugh at something on one of their cellphones.  I tapped impatiently at my steering wheel.  ”Take your time.” I muttered to myself as my annoyance grew....more
One minute of kindness can make a difference in another persons life :) Sometimes we have to ...more

Our children will rise to the standards that we set for them

I wish I could end with the title... (hey don't agree with me here!!!) but I must explain......more