Are Public Restrooms Safe for Young Children to Use Alone?

There's a LOT of chatter on Facebook these days about signs that are popping up around the country saying that young boys under a certain age MUST use the men's restroom. There are definitely comments on both sides of this issue, but recently I was faced with it personally....more

Parent Dilemma: Are Sleepovers A Good Thing?

Recently I received an email from the mother of one of my second-grade daughters classmates.  In it, she talked about the upcoming birthday of her child, how she was hosting a sleepover party, and would my daughter be able to attend on such-and-such a date....more

Filip: Wearable Phone Watch That Tracks Your Child!

I don't know what I love more, the concept or the style; but this little guy is high on my list of things to get for our daughter on her next birthday!...more

Amber Alert GPS: Say Hello to Smart Affordable Child Locators

The AmberAlert GPS, is "The Intelligent Way to Keep Families Connected and Safe", today unveiled an infographic that explains how Smart Locators make it easier for families to stay connected and protected. In the course of raising a family, over 90% of parents will at some point lose track of a child....more

Why I Don't Gamble With Baby Vegas

Over the last few months, I've had to make a ton of decisions on how to raise Baby Vegas.  And believe it or not, just because I've done it once before with Little Man doesn't mean I will make the same choices for my second son. Not only do I not remember everything I did with Little Man, things have already changed since my firstborn was a baby.  Yes, in five years, things have changed. So not only do I have to defend my decisions to my (well-meaning but wrong) older generation of moms/grandmas I have around me, but I have to defend them to myself!...more

Protect Your Children with Child Safety Training

Sexual Offenses against children more often than we realize.  As a mother,  this is one of my fears esepcially after learning that, on average, a serial child sex offender will commit 150 acts of molestation against a child prior to being caught....more

Internet Predator-Proof your Kids

Internet predators are usually men posing as youths to get access to children/tweens/teens on-line or, even worse, in-person.  They are brilliant at talking the talk to gain their victims’ trust.  They study sites frequented by youths and learn all the lingo so they can fit right in.  They spend hours and hours on-line “fishing” for potential victims.  They know more about your children’s activities on-line than you do....more

Childproofing Your House: What You Need to Know

I am lucky enough to have guest blogger Danielle Birch with me today. She gives some great tips on how to childproof your home.  ... ...more

The Safety of Sleepovers: I Don't Trust Parents Outside My Circle

Sleepovers have become a thorn in my parental-side. Not actually HAVING them... but letting my children GO to them. Or NOT. And considering what has come to light with politician Michael Gardner... I just want to add my 2 cents about the famed childhood tradition: The Sleepover. Our family is very careful. And I am sure many families are. Though I am always a little knocked to the side when an authentic invite comes when I've not met the parents or have no idea what the inside of their home looks like. ...more
I to had a couple of bad experiences at sleepovers.  I also had some amazing ones.  I will not ...more

Keeping Toddlers Safe In The Adult Only Home

Scarletti Confetti (image credit: pencil and markers onpaper 2011 by J.Paradisi)...more