Grandpa Frank

I’ve been reading a lot about the scandal at Penn State lately. Actually, scandal isn’t the right word – this isn’t a celebrity divorce we’re talking about. This is a horrible tragedy that has occurred, and I am horrified there were adults in a position to stop the suffering and humiliation these children have suffered but instead stayed silent or performed the smallest required amount of action… just enough to cover their ass....more

A Monster Among Us

My sweet, perfect brother is a pedophile and our father has been telling elaborate lies to cover for him.Crash. Boom. Thud.That is the sound of my brain crashing through my heart crashing through my stomach and landing on the floor. To say that I am stunned is a gross understatement. ...more
Blessings, my sister!  I was molested by my dad.  It took years of living in the streets, ...more

My Heroes

I don't have a lot of heroes. I don't have a ton of role models. Don't get me wrong, there are a few, but I am very selective. I like a lot of people, but there are not many I aspire to be like or draw inspiration from.Maybe it's because in the end, I had to be my own hero....more

The Devils we Know or Why you shouldn't worry about the pedophiles we read about in the news

I am a survivor of child sexual assault. I am pretty sure this isn't "news",as I have been fairly open about my experiences...once I came to terms with them and stopped fearing the stigma of the brand "victim". ...more