Child Support System

I counted down the days as though I was 5 years old waiting each day for Santa to come. I was eager for the 120 days to arrive, so I could once again call the Office of the Attorney General. I’ve called them several times about my child support. But this time was different....more

And I Thought My Divorce Was All About Me!

I became divorced in 2013.  While in Israel, my husband and I separated.  I came to the conclusion that I didn't deserve the manipulation, the screaming and the crazy in my new life as an oleh (new immigrant),  So, I left and within months found myself sitting before a court of rabbis getting my religious divorce.  That was May 2012....more

INDEPENDENCE DAY OF ANOTHER SORT......Divorce is ugly, mostly on the kids.

When you get married you NEVER even take a second thought about about "What would happen if this doesn't work out?"  Or atleast I didn't think that once divorced, things went awry immediately.  Well obviously started before then to become divorced DUH!...more

No Child Support for Child of Anonymous Donor

A German court recently ruled that a child which is born via an anonymous sperm donor is not eligible for child support from the government. So how did this come about? Apparently a woman who became pregnant via an anonymous sperm donor applied for child support after the birth of her baby and was denied. The court stated that there would be no conceivable way the state would get its money back as child support is an essentially an advance of money that the state would later be demanded or obtained from the father. ...more


I don't often get really worked up but I have been divorced for 15 years (remarried for 13 to someone else).My former husband and I have two children. He is also remarried to a widower who had 4 kids youngest 14, rest all out of high school.My ex has fought me on support from day one, he didn't want divorced. I got pregnant at 17 he was 24, my son was born 2 weeks before my senior year. I graduated and got married all the same year. At 22 I had my daughter, my husband then 28....more

It Takes Two, But One of Them Isn't You

I bet you've heard this phrase before: It takes two to make a baby. I can see you nodding your head. Have you ever noticed, though, that it seems the people giving lip service to that phrase are usually not one of the two that made the baby? ...more

Child Support: Can All States Do What Maryland Is Doing?

I read an editorial piece from the Baltimore Sun about Maryland’s efforts in collecting child support from non-custodial parents. Basically, Maryland was frustrated with the results the standard practices were yielding, put some thought into it, and changed things up. And they’re getting results. I, of course, was interested. Better child support collection methods? Do tell....more

And Here We Go

This is a money post. And it’s not a pretty money post. It’s actually one of the worst kinds of money posts I’d ever want to make. So you know, if you’re not in the mood for that, feel free to skip out and look at something else somewhere else. No offense taken, seriously!...more

Dead Beat men are from Mars and Dead Beat Moms are too!!!

Hello Everyone out there in Blog Blog land, I must have a bee in my bonnet today because I have not had a day like today where I seem to have opinions on quite so many things. I tend to be a news hound and I read posts from my friends online and often something that is said or shared sparks a bit of a fire in me. Well, this just is downright a blaze. The subject: Child Support. ...more

Child Support: Loopholes Big Enough to Fit A Deadbeat Through

Where do I begin to describe the child support chaos that I have been experiencing for the past decade? To list ups and downs would be redundant because the loss is so severe that the gains almost pale in comparison. Yes, I knew that the child support process would be long and tedious, but I had NO IDEA that 10 years later I would be fighting my son’s father and child support services for what my child deserves....more