Sharing the pain

Every delivery story is different. Mine involves my husband looking at some monitors and telling me when I was having a contraction. (Thanks, honey. I knew that.) I figured he was just nervous and didn't realize what he was doing. At no point of time did I want to throw him out of the delivery room....more

Dr Mama on bed rest!

Day 1...more

20 Things You Need to Know About Pregnancy

I will preface this tale with a small disclaimer: If you had an easy pregnancy, you are one lucky bitch.This is not normal. Should you feel compelled to discount the torturous experiences that many of us have had, please save it for the baby book. Also, congratulations. I am jealous. Pregnancy. There are those who have been there, those who are there right now, and those who are trying to get there. We who have been there have much to tell, but what will you disclose? Will you tell your deepest vagina dramas to your pregnant friends, or take them to the grave? ...more
Alisha Mustafa  Damn sista', sounds like you needed to vent! I'm glad I could provide a place ...more

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 12: Herbs for Labour Support

I am back again with more herbal information and this time it is all about herbs that support labouring clients. I figured it was time to write a post explaining what formulas I recommend and why I recommend them....more

Unstuck and Working: Anchors of Calm

In the past week, I have taught two HypnoBirthing classes. There's a switch in my head that flips, when I have agreed to help a family, and I take my meds, get in my car, and I... show up. Always. I've never missed a class. Business hasn't exactly been booming, but when I commit, I show....more

A very special letter to my daughter...

I started writing letters to my little bean the day before I officially found out I was pregnant. I sort of felt...different...and had an inkling I may be pregnant. The next morning, I'd know for sure... ...more

Birth Reflections

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Should You Schedule Your Induction

Should you schedule an induction?Ask Dr. Renee: Should You Schedule An Induction Dear Diary,...more

Strength in Motherhood

I’ve always been proud of my children. From infancy to adult and motherhood, my daughters have amazed and humbled me. I am the proud grandmother of ten precious wonders and each has a special place in my heart.8 lbs 9 oz...more
WHAT!?!?! Well, Suzie Ivy, Hello! So glad Linda Anselmi spilled the beans on Chatter that you ...more