The Family Story We'll Tell For Generations

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That could go in a fiction story!  Great real life material!more

Real Talk: Recovering From Birth

The thought of birth and the delivery process is a lot to take in. Your lady bits are going to do something pretty amazing, like pushing out a tiny human being, but in order to do that you’ll be pushing (quite literally) yourself with every fiber of your being leaving your body exhausted, swollen, and in pain. Luckily the care you’ll receive by your doctor(s) and nurses are on point and will make this transition from delivery to recovery much easier....more

Do I need a Doula for the second baby? Yes, yes of course you do!

We’ve heard all the ways and seen all the memes describing how the second kid gets screwed. The first kid got a scrapbook with all the trimmings while the second’s images have never been so much as removed from the cloud (if the photos were ever taken in the first place!) The first kid had a perfectly decorated nursery while the second one basically gets a mattress on the floor. The first one couldn’t possibly get a taste of sugar until their first birthday, and the second is sucking on ring pops at seven months....more

Why Mom Anxiety Starts During Pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant is a pretty unreal experience. When I first got the “positive” reading, it took a while for it to sink in. The moment my baby’s future Nana handed me a gift bag with a congratulatory card and the softest plush lamb and blanket combo, it hit me. All of the blood in my body rushed to my face, and I was sure that I was about to pass out. Realizing that there is a human growing inside of you triggers a variety of emotions; I felt excited, nervous, important, and mostly terrified. Sure, I was making a human, but one day that human has to come out....more

Should You Leave Your Dream to the Experts?

For me, it was Maria’s processional as she walked down the aisle of the Austrian Cathedral to marry Captain von Trapp; nuns and children looking on lovingly, the Fairy Tale coming true. Maybe, for you, it was Ariel as she professed her love for her animated prince in his puffy shirt. Or maybe it was the 1900 guests Kate Middleton walked through to wed England’s real-life Prince Charming.  ...more
I love that phrase... "it was the birth of the third one that healed me."  Lovely, and ...more

Childbirth Injuries and the Arbitrary 6 Weeks

The 6 week postpartum checkup taunts moms who suffered from childbirth injuries. Personally, I still couldn’t WALK without pain at my checkup. ...more

VIDEO: What is an Episiotomy?

Dear Diary, What is an  episiotomy? Say it with me—uh-pee-zee-ot-uh-mee. I didn’t know how to pronounce that word—heck I didn’t even know the definition—until I was spread eagle on the delivery table. After pushing for two hours, my OBGYN Dr. Robert Thompson and my daughter’s dad discussed it. ...more

Huge Baby Blues

I read an article recently,  When a Big Baby Isn't So Big in the New York Times that prompted my mostly horrid memories of my pregnancy and childbirth experience with my second son, "Cherub."  Not that I could ever forget the experience, it could have killed my baby.  The article struck me and brought it all back....more

What to expect during childbirth

If you were like me, reading, watching T.V. shows, Googling was all a part of my research on what I was about to experience during the birth of my baby. Not to mention all of the horrific stories of everyone in their brother's experience with THEIR deliveries... The shows were always my favorite; watching tears of joy run down the new mom's face as she's holding her baby seconds after her delivery created my own crocodile tears....more

4 Month Postpartum Update

I’ve been meaning to do a postpartum for awhile now, but if you read my last two posts (here and here), you know life has been quite crazy! I also wanted it to be a video update, but I’m finding that videos are much harder to do with a two-year-old who wants your constant attention and I pretty much pass ...more