Born in the Wild: When Bad Decisions Make Great TV

Once again I’m grateful to the Lifetime Television for Women in Serious Need of a Confidence Boost network for giving me this very rare opportunity to say, “Hey! I’m a really good mom!”  And get this— you can too! The only criteria is that you either A. Had at least one maternal thought cross your mind ever or B. Never have been cast on the spectacular reality TV show, Born in the Wild....more

10 Terrifying Vagina Facts


The Ultimate Heroine's Journey

Oprah once interviewed the legendary Jean Houston on her show Super Soul Sunday, where they discussed the Hero’s Journey, and how each one of us is called in our lives to undertake such a journey in order to become more of who we really are. ...more

19 Ways Moving is Like Childbirth

Welcome to moving season: the busiest time of year for moving into a new home as families try to get settled before the next school year begins.If you're moving your family and freaking out, don't. Because you've got this. Moving your family into a new home is just like childbirth:1. You're over the moon with excitement.2. Then the panic sets in....more

A Birth By Any Other Name

Earlier today I read this post on the Scary Mommy blog, which was biting back at all those people (mostly women) who seem to think that if you aren't squirting babies out of your fun house after hours of excruciating and unmedicated labor, then somehow you aren't a "real woman."  Personally?  I think that's one of the biggest crocks of bullshit I've ever heard....more

Without Paid Family Leave - Disaster!

I recently received this message from a pregnant woman in Atlanta.  It really upset me....more

Making it the first week on hospital bedrest

The next day, the doctor who does rounds decides that unfortunately I’m not allowed to shower for another 24 hours and he also decided that I need to continue the medicine that makes me so dizzy and nauseous for another 24 hours (making it 72 hours instead of the promised 48). The doctor is older with a full beard and nice eyes and when he explains that this medicine will help my baby’s brain development I know that I would and will do whatever it takes for my baby....more

Hospital bed rest

My mom just booked the next flight from Sweden to come help out, (did I luck out in the “having the best mom department” or what?). I can’t believe she is actually coming and that she is landing tonight. Dad confirmed that she got on the plane okay and I’m telling my husband that he has to pick her up around midnight. I get all weepy and emotional thinking about it, every girl needs their mom at a time like this. My husband had to take the day off of work yesterday to take care of our son and today is Saturday and they are both coming to visit me....more

Sharing the pain

Every delivery story is different. Mine involves my husband looking at some monitors and telling me when I was having a contraction. (Thanks, honey. I knew that.) I figured he was just nervous and didn't realize what he was doing. At no point of time did I want to throw him out of the delivery room....more