Why You Won't Have a Natural Birth

I rarely rant. I almost never rave. If I seem taller than usual, it's more likely from my new sparkly summer wedges than from standing on a soapbox. But ... well ... I want to say something that's going to make some of you furious and others of you feel justified: Natural childbirth is not possible in an unnatural world. And we do live in an unnatural world -- X-Men, Photoshop, reality tv, fast food, Donald Trump's hair -- and we believe what we see. (Except maybe for the hair.) ...more
you are sooo right!more

Childbirth Done Right: A Doula's Story

Last-minute maintenance before I go to bed: load the dishwasher, brush my teeth, wash my face ... it’s nearing 11 o'clock when my cell rings. I know who it is even before I look.  Oh, WHY didn’t I take a nap this afternoon?  Unable to keep from smiling, I answer the phone,"Are we ready to have a baby?" The mom-to-be on the other end questions her feelings. Contractions? Gas pains? Wishful thinking? ...more
Birth, itself, is amazing.  It is such a privilege to be part of it!  (Thank you.  You're always ...more

Medically Sanctioned Rape in the Labor and Delivery Room

*Trigger Warning* (May be difficult for some readers who have experienced sexual assault or trauma in childbirth.) When women get together (especially at baby showers) they share war stories. It's impossible not to hear about preeclampsia or emergency c-sections or epidurals that didn't work.  Telling expecting mothers about all of the horrors and dangers of childbirth seems to make women almost giddy.  But like soldiers from real-world battlefields, it's a way women bond and attempt to validate their often nightmarish experiences. ...more

Getting admitted to the hospital for real...

Dr. Mom is getting admitted to the hospital and bedrest startsWhen I get to the hospital (after a weird cab ride where the driver asked if I could give him some extra money because he has four kids and his wife is unable to work…I mean I feel for him I really did, and I do tip him a lot) I immediately take the elevator up to labor and delivery. Once there, I am not sure what to say “eh hmm my water may have broken and I’m barely 30 weeks and my doctor eh told me to come here”....more

Letter to a C-Section Mom, Pen > Paper > Heart

Dear C-Section Mom,I know your pain. I never thought I would have a C-section either. A c-section was humiliating in my mind. In my mind I was unable to deliver him, and needed someone else to do it for me. It also meant that I might be limited to the amount of children I would have. I was not prepared for the pain, both emotionally and physically....more

The Big Day

Like many first time parents the day came and went that our first little bundle of joy was meant to greet the world. Day after day passed. I gave up hope. This kid was never coming out. Then seven days past his due date, he gave signs of arrival. Off we went to the hospital, along with The Bag that had been packed for an eternity....more
It was a while ago  Denise, 15 years actually! Things haven't changed much since then, he is ...more

Precious September 22nd

Four years ago today the pain was unbearable. A little heaven scented baby boy was supposed to finally be making his grand entrance into the world three weeks after his due date, but somehow he got a little lost along the way and managed to get turned around all the while getting his little wiggly feet stuck in my spinal cord....more

What They DON'T Tell You to Expect When You're Expecting (and afterward)

Despite having read all the books and gotten the down and dirty play by play from friends and family, I definitely ran across a few surprises during my pregnancy and after giving birth. Here's a fun list I and some mommy friends came up with - feel free to add your own nuggets!! 1) The linea nigra doesn’t go away for a LONG time (mine didn't show up til the 9th month, but now 3 months postpartum it's still there, but fading slowly)...more

It Gets Better <New Mom Edition>

OK, you know all those public service announcement for young gays, or kids being bullied? Celebrities and non-celebrities alike talk about how it might suck now, but eventually your life will be awesome so you just gotta persevere. Well, this is that, except for new moms!! Dedicated to my friend and new mommy of 79 hours (give or take), Angela! ...more