Birth Education - 9 Reasons Why Independent Birth Education Is Best

Birth Education – 9 Reasons Why Independent Birth Education Is BestWhen you’re pregnant, its natural to want the very best birth for yourself and your baby. You can go into information overload as you get your hands on as much information as possible! But getting good information is the key. So many clients I have worked with as a doula have overdosed on information or books that might have been funny or popular, but leave much to be desired. ...more

Taking the fear from Childbirth: Starting with our Daughters

Having a baby can be a scary event.  But, does it really have to be?  Does the mother have to feel alone and afraid and on guard that her birth will not go as planned? ...more

I thought a lot about this and really am happy I teach natural childbirth. more

Fit and Fearless Mothers

I would like to introduce myself. I am Ginger Garner, a women's health specialist in medical therapuetic yoga and physical therapy.Please give my blog a vist, Breathing In This Life.You'll find tons of free information, downloads, and tips for new and expectant mothers - and even dads too!BITL is a blog of Support for women and mothers living Fit and

Preparing for a Wedding vs. Preparing to Give Birth: How Much Time Do You Invest?

I read a tweet this week by Kristen (@OmahaBabyLady) that made me take pause. She said, "Why will people plan for a year for their wedding but 12 weeks of childbirth classes is too long? WTF?" I'd never thought of it in that way before, but it resonated with me. Many people spend a year or longer planning and preparing for their wedding, but how much time do they spend preparing for the life-changing and life-giving event of giving birth to their child? ...more

Raising kids is a lot like weeding the rose bed, well worth it, ...more