6 Assumptions NOT to Make About the Child-Free

I would never presume to speak for all of the child-free men and women out there, so I will say, right here, this applies to H and me....more
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Holiday Suggestions for the Chidfree-By-Choice

Holiday Suggestions for the ChildfreeAuthor: Marcia Drut-Davis, “Confessions of a Childfree Woman”(A life spent swimming against the mainstream. Amazon.comhttp://childfreereflections.com (Free resource guide)www.facebook.com/childfreereflections ...more

A Closer Look At This Woman's Reasons to be Childfree

More and more is out there these days on reasons why people are choosing to have no children. One recent post is by Hannah, on feministing. She lists 5 reasons. Whether she knows it or not, they do some back door demystifying on the childfree choice. ...more

Childfree Prime Minister Julia Gillard Takes Satirical Heat

Julia Gillard has taken some heat for not having children by choice, and now it's her sex life that is being satirized....more

Are you a DINK?

My husband and I are DINKs, dual income no kids. I have been hearing this term circulating lately in negative connotation. I thought in this day and age with gay marriages, open gays in the military and black president, DINKs would be more accepted. We are still considered selfish, unloving and irresponsible. Thank goodness mostly only by people who don't know us! I am always surprised how quick people are to judge without knowing our stories. Before they judge, they never ask me why we don't have children....more

I agree, the families of two I know are getting by like everyone else. I think that is why I ...more

Yes, Virginia, there are nice childfree people ...

I will never be anyone’s mother in the biological, legal or fiduciary meaning of the word. But I am in the most traditional sense of the word, maternal. I know as well as any parent what it means to sacrifice willingly for a very long stretch of time. ...more

I refer the Honourable Lady to my response ...more