Zero F*cks: A Letter To My Biological Father

Dear Biological Father,I have every right to hate you.Most children need their daddies, and growing up I was no different. But I hated my weekend visits to your apartment after mom divorced you. Alone, I would stare blankly out of the small window with tear-stained cheeks wishing for the comforts of home.I would think to myself, please come and get me, Mommy.  I miss you....more

It's My Birthday ... So What?

It’s my birthday and I’m another year older and like every year before this one, I woke up exactly the same. It’s a sensation which didn’t change with age; the feeling of waking up on your birthday to absolutely nothing extraordinary. ...more

I Wasn't a Camp Girl ...

 My mother tried to send me to day camp one year when I was about eight. I rejected this notion and held steadfast to the declaration, “I am not a camp girl.” I didn’t like to swim, change in locker rooms, or play team sports. I had no interest in getting dirty, rallying behind something, or interacting with kids my own age. No one would dare call me a “spirit girl.” Within a week of this lone day camp experience, my mother pulled me out....more

Are Early Memories a Blueprint for LIfe?

Recently, my genealogy research prompted me to look up one of my childhood homes online, which then led to a conversation with my mom about my early memories about my younger years. This got me to thinking about my earliest memories, which I realized are mostly related to the outdoors. We were not an outdoorsy family, so what does that say about me? Unlike the rest of my family, I have always been drawn by nature (prompting my sister to question if I was adopted; I wasn’t) and as an adult, find comfort in the outdoors....more

Once Upon a Library

I remember lots of books from my childhood. Not specific books, but lots of them. My father was an elementary school teacher until he retired a few years ago. My mother still works as a children's librarian. So, books were kind of a big deal in my household....more

Got full-fat milk?

I am a milk drinker. I am not sure why, but it sounds a little funny saying that as an adult. It's as if drinking milk is exclusive to little kids. But, I drink a glass at least once a day - not because I have to, but because I like it. I tend to stick to 2%, as I left my full-fat milk days long behind me....more

A is for Annie

A is for Annie If you're a follower of my blog, you know that I've written about my mother in the past, and almost a year ago I wrote that she is in failing health.  I am dedicating this year's A to Z Challenge to her since it's her birthday month...more

My Unusual Relationship with McDonald’s French Fries

I drove through McDonald’s today and I got a cheeseburger and fries. As I bit into a French fry, I had a flashback to childhood…a powerful sense memory of sitting in a McDonald’s in Norman, Oklahoma with my father. It was a scene repeated again and again and again throughout my youth. I’m sure many of you share a similar experience. However, few of you have parents as connected to McDonald’s as my father....more

Scary-Go-Rounds and Old School PE

Some time ago, we unwrapped the many ways I felt blessed to still be alive—despite my parents’ lackluster effort on that front. Yes, they loved us and fed us and didn’t allow us to drink arsenic, but I think we can all agree there was some iffy judgment on their parts when it came to trampolines, nunchucks and furnace safety....more