Dear Diary, I'm A Floozy

Last week I had a conversation with a co-worker about why some people seem to have no self-awareness. We questioned why some people don’t pick up on social cues; why they can’t tell when they’ve intruded on a conversation; why they don’t read the faces of those who are negatively receiving the words they’re delivering. We puzzled over some people’s inability to read the unfavorable reactions of others....more

Being From Nowhere

 When I was a little girl my mother showed me a map. She was trying to show me where we lived, but after she looked for a very long time, she couldn’t find anything, not even a little dot that marked our town.She finally gave up and said, “Well, I guess we’re from nowhere.”I never forgot that sentence....more
Totally agree on the "be grateful"... When I was asked what I wanted to be, I would say whatever ...more

27 Things You Know If You're From A Small Town

Roundabouts are actually just four-way stops."Traffic" is having to wait an extra second or two to pull out onto a busy street. People don't honk to be rude, they usually just want to say hello....more
I moved from a city to a small town and agree with this too! The things that shock me the most ...more

Childhood dreams

We made them crowd into the shed, sweltering in the Sacramento summer. It was our "classroom." And by golly, we had signed binder paper permission slips from their parents which meant that even if we had to chase them, our siblings would comply. For awhile anyway.Getting them to do their homework was another story entirely.Welcome to my childhood dream....more

Barbie Dream House Eviction Notice

My sister and I are 18 months apart. We were Irish twins, doing everything together. I rushed to keep up with her in everything she did, and I also like to think that I held her back a little bit. It’s all about compromise people.Now, the dark underbelly of having kids so close in age is that it’s exhausting (or so my mother keeps saying). Their childhood becomes a series of COPY and PASTE. “Ooh, that outfit is cute, I’ll just buy 2. Ooh, that toy looks fun, they can just share it. Did I put both kids in the car….eh, probably.”...more

This Might Be Worse Than Drowning

You know how sometimes the oldest sibling in a family will get pregnant at 13 and then for the rest of the other children’s lives they are locked away in a tower wearing a chastity belt?This is sort of like that, except with less pregnancy and more humiliation.When my brother was a very little kid he drowned. Now you guys are probably saying “But Tracy, your brother is alive.” Yes he is, why don’t you let me finish my story....more

Where Did the Baby Go?

Clifford: The Big Red Kidnapping Van

All kids have to be embarrassed by their parents in some way, shape or form during their childhood. It’s a requirement and until it’s accomplished that child isn’t allowed to progress in life. For my family this was tricky because I genuinely like my mom and I don’t think she’s embarrassing so to properly child-shame me she had to dig deep.And oh did she ever accomplish it!...more

Christmas Muffins and the True Meaning of Christmas

No one knows the exhaustion of the holidays more than a teacher in the days leading up to winter break (especially teachers of smaller children).No one understands the anticipation and angst of Santa's arrival more than a Kindergarten teacher on Dec. 19.No one can imagine the crazed excitement of the Christmas countdown more than teachers....more

1974 to 1975 sometime

 1974 to 1975 I remember this road, I believe it was a dirt road. Mom was driving and we were riding along. I think we just came from the store, maybe a grocery store, not really sure. ...more