Bomb in the Bathroom.

January Speaks The Truth.Names have been changed. Everything else is 100% true....more

I Was A Good Kid

I was a good kid. Well behaved, quiet. I talked early and read early. As a toddler I said excuse me to the vacuum cleaner when I passed by in the hallway, I’ve been told. I was soft spoken and got good grades in school....more

The Firefly Effect: The Disappearance of Childhood

“Hey look! A firefly!”My kids scampered off into the duskly shrouded park to chase the lone intermittent yellow illumination, as my husband and I sat listening to the music of Cornet Chop Suey’s free concert....more

The Six Scariest Words a Child Can Say

CRASH! I stood up from the couch, tilted my head just enough to hear into the depths of kid*palooza, and then held my breath when I heard my son holler, I can do it by myself! ...more
Just had to comment because I so rarely see someone with my last name (maiden name)! And yes, ...more

Zayne's tiny kingdom

I have to shelve the story of Peter Rabbit and Bubble guppies as I am excited to tell you about the crib/bed of my ward Zayne.Yes, at the end of the day, Zayne's bed/crib is his kingdom just like our bed is our own refuge and haven where we rest our tired backs from the day's hard labor....more

The neighbourhood.

Mrs. B always gave us apple juice.She was strange.  So was her daughter.   Mrs. R wore a lot of make-up.She was fussy.  I was always worried I would make a mess when I was there.Consequently, I spilled a drink nearly every visit....more
I lived on a dead end street with 9 houses when I grew up- this is becoming strange indeed ...more

Nana's husband.

Tom.  I liked him a lot.  He was nice to me.  The family talked about him a lot.  I would listen to Mom and my Aunt talk about Nana and Tom....more

The daycare.

My son’s daycare was the backseat of a car.  His playtime was in a waiting room.His friends were nurses and patients.Quality time with me was in a chemo lounge.   On maternity leave,I did the all the chemotherapy appointments at first....more
I have a photo of the two of you and he is wearing it.more

Why I Still Believe in Ghosts, and Undead Things Hiding Under my Bed

Do you remember when you stopped being afraid of the dark? When you no longer needed to check underneath your bed for a dead, creeping thing rotting alongside the dust bunnies and missing Monopoly game pieces?...more

The empowerment.

She is looking at me again.I pretend to be oblivious to her staring.I know what she wants.  Her desire makes me automatically reject her.The longer I ignore her, the greater the impact. She will ask eventually....I anticipate it with a ballooning ego. In fact, I kind of want her to ask, in a smug kind of a way.  It gives me power.I only know this power when I am with her. I am learning I have control over this power more and more.   ...more