Childhood Cancer and Celebrity Joy: The Dragonfly Foundation

Recently I had the pleasure of enjoying an early breakfast with my dear friend and respected colleague, Ria Davidson. Ria is co-founder of the Dragonfly Foundation, an organization whose mission is to bring comfort and joy to kids, young adults, and their families enduring cancer and bone marrow transplants....more

I Carry the Weight of Other People’s Sick Children

 The IV bag hangs from a plastic seahorse suspended on a steel pole. A life-saving poison slowly drips through the plastic tube into the thin, fragile vein of a 4-year-old girl. Her face is swollen, her hair is merely a cap of fuzz, but her smile is electric. Today her anesthesia comes in the form of laughter courtesy of Looney Lenny the Clown. He calls the little girl “SofaHead” (rather than Sofia) and has seen her almost weekly for the last two years, from her initial cancer diagnosis....more

Hopeful for his future

My newphew underwent cranial brain surgery to remove the brain tumor on Friday, August 7, 2015. The procedure appears to be successful per the MRI results. He does however, have a few setbacks, which we hope are only temporary. A ramafication from the surgery has been a loss of taste and a disturbance to his vision. Again, we are hoping this is only temporary and that all will be restored with time....more

Reconstructing The Past

My eight-year-old son Jack is starting therapy soon to address the post-traumatic stress issues that are causing us all concern now that he has finished treatment for cancer. The short term goal is to address the  needle phobia associated with it, which is more accurately described as a “lab-induced panic spiral,” but ultimately he has a LOT of anxiety that controls him and if we could ease that even a little bit, I’ll consider it a WIN....more

This is Pediatric Cancer

Kathy@kissing the frog...more

Lost and Found

During my first marathon distance walk three days ago I:LOST~ 3700 calories (according to MapMyWalk dot com).~ Skin from my right foot.~ Digestive regularity (everyone who has done a marathon warned me).~ The idea I could not complete a marathon, which I have been wanting to do since 2006 with Team in Training.  I even wore my 2006 Seattle Marathon T-shirt, the event I had to drop out of last minute due to injury.~ My asthma – I did not need my inhaler once with all the fresh air!FOUND...more
Congratulations! Love the simplicity of the lost/found lists -- and the heart and soul exposed ...more

Dawn to Dusk Pilgrimage

I did it.  Finally walked a marathon distance of 26 miles in a day, clearly not focused on speed.  I completed the distance in 10 hours....more

Something Bigger Than Ourselves

  There are moments in life when you realize that we are not in control and something much greater is at work. I had one of those moments last Friday at the gym of all places....more

Squandering is not an option.

  Five slight fingers, a three inch palm. The trust of a child who knows he is loved and secure. My hand wrapped warmly around his soft little hand. Reminding one another that we are OK and we love each other. This bond between Gregory and I is strong and unique....more

My Boy Since Cancer

Since my six-year-old son Jack was diagnosed with Leukemia in January, there have been both sweeping changes and little changes in our life. Some are harder to describe than others - some more subtle while others are glaring. Sometimes aspects of his personality that were there before might come out in a more noticeable way, or they might be more hidden, protected. Jack is still himself, of course, but the version of him we are living with now isn’t as steady or balanced. I often wonder how much of him is changing permanently because of this experience....more