You cannot tell someone, in the pit of despair that it will get better. Well, you could. It wouldn't do you any good. I've been in that pit of despair. I've dwelt there for entirely longer than I'd like to admit. So deep that I could not imagine ever seeing the sunshine again. I am pragmatic enough to know that it is not gone forever. I am pragmatic enough to know that I will skirt it's edges for the rest of my life. Today I am happy. Today I have hope. Today I give and RECEIVE love. Today needs to be remembered. Today needs to be marked....more

Sunflowers are stunning, too.

Words, words and more words. I've got words coming out of my ears. Words from Mothers, words from books, words from medical journal, words from new stories. I've got so many words of others in my head, that I cannot sort them out to find MY words. ...more

Heartbreak and Hope: When Your Family is Fighting Childhood Cancer

The heartbreak of childhood cancer is very real, but so is the hope. Especially when you hear stories like that of Denise Rager. The California mother of two sons, the eldest with epilepsy, began to feel concerned about her younger son Matthew's health. It turned out her mother's intuition was right and before she knew it, her family was in a fight to save Matthew's life....more

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of hope. The Rager family is absolutely amazing and ...more

I need your help.

I have officially kicked off my 46 Mommas fundraising campaign. Copy of my first email. Hi there~ It's been ages since I have talked to many of you. My life was permanently derailed. As you are already aware, just over two years ago, our youngest OffSpring, Gregory, was diagnosed with Childhood Cancer. The trauma it has unleashed on our family is incomprehensible, unless you have personally experienced it. ...more

Mother Who Withheld Medical Treatment for Young Son Found Guilty of Attempted Murder

Single mother Kristen LaBrie was found guilty of attempted murder recently, following the death of her 9-year-old son, Jeremy Fraser.  Jeremy was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma--a disease with a recovery rate of about 85-90 percent--when he was 7 years old.  Alongside this, he was also a non-verbal autistic child and LaBrie suffered from depression. For Jeremy’s treatments, doctors prescribed chemotherapy--a decision that LaBrie agreed with until she saw what the side effects did to her son....more

This is a tough situation to judge. However, I do believe that the mom should have continued to ...more

A Blood Letting

I've been sitting here, shaking hands, heart pounding in my chest, gut tied up in knots, trying to decide if I should really write what I'm about to write. Which, on a normal day, I would take as a sign NOT to write about it, write something trite and carry on. Not today. ...more

I am a Momcologist

September 18, 2010, I was honored to speak at our American Childhood Caner Organization/Inland Northwest's, Childhood Cancer Vigil.  Below is what I shared.  This was written as a speech, so it has a different rhythm.  Inflection and body language won't be present.  I hope you can still feel what I've written.  It's a message to every last one of you. ...more


Given my own family and personal history, I confess that I often focus on women’s cancers.  An email from a customer last year prompted me to take a closer look at children’s cancers and National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  I’ve always been slightly shattered by my conversations with mothers of young girls confronting cancer and in ...more

Millions of people are benefiting from new consumer rights today! Here's a great link to a blog ...more

Kids with Cancer: Special Report by Working Mother

Three years ago in August, the week I was supposed to be getting my daughter ready to start 5th grade, her first year in middle school, I found myself in a children's hospital going through the first definitive biopsies and tests that began our worst nightmare. My nine-year-old had cancer. It had silently crept into the bone of her leg, and had been growing, maybe for months, to the size of a wine bottle....more

Millions of people are benefiting from new consumer rights today! Here's a great link to a blog ...more

Cool story

I found this <a href="">link</a> over at this <a href="">blog</a>.  Kyle's son Tyler is in remission from Burkitts and his dad blogs about it.  Not only does he keep everyone updated on Tyler, he is an advocate for childhood cancer and updates about others who are battling with the disease.  ...more