Cherished Childhood Friends Provide a Reason to Keep Blogging

I got the most unexpected and sweet email message last night from R, a childhood friend.Some background: R and her family (mom, dad, sister and brother) lived in a house across the alley from my family’s house in West Virginia all the years I did, from the age of about two through college....more

The boy and his bestie

My boy is a bit of a social butterfly and loves spending time with his friends. One of his friends 'Damien' is a bit like the boy they are both lively, fun, boisterous boys so they have lots of fun together but they also know how to wind each other up and fight. We have had pillow fights, pumpkin carving, cake making, impromptu water fights and plenty of tantrums and shouting matches between the boys not to mention the result of silence:...more

When The Bully is Also A Friend

We've all seen it. The boy on the playground that seems to want to pick a fight with everyone while his mom is gabbing away with her friend and paying no attention. I've been known to just talk to kids I don't know that are trying to hit my kids and say things very loudly like, "No hitting please!" in the hopes that their mom will hear and do something. Oblivious moms at the playground are a big pet peeve of mine. But, what do you do when the little bully is also a friend? ...more

Childhood Friends Make Midlife Easier

 I am in the midst of motherhood when the phone rings and I see the name of a childhood friend on caller ID: a woman whom I have known since I was five years old but have seen only a few times since we were eighteen. I hear her voice and it sounds like home. I still think of us as girls. I can see us on picture day in kindergarten and I remember her smile outlined in dimples....more

Play Time

The subject for the month of May at NaBloPoMo is PLAY.  The question of the day is "Who did you play with as a child."  ...more

Saying Yes to Time with Friends

Noah and Tina both have company or have been someone's company at least once each week. The weekends are a mixture of juggling family activities and squeezing in time with friends. As a mom who likes everyone under her roof and together as much as possible, it's an adjustment I'm facing. When I may feel like saying no, I remind myself how often I spent time with my childhood friends....more
One of the things I like about living in town verses the country is that there are neighborhood ...more

Laurette's Wake Up Call

I once met a man whose favorite saying was, "Nothing is promised to us."He would say that more than once in a conversation, sometimes so much so, that I didn't hear it. Didn't hear it, that is, until one day,  a shocking event made me think of Bob.  As a result of the repetition he had provided along with his tagline, the phrase, "Nothing is promised to us" was the first thing that popped into my mind. And it was SO appropriate....more
Oh no... I am jumping into the next segment of the mystery.more

Prompt: Wednesday, January 11, 2011 Who was your first friend?

(Some names have been changed to protect the innocent... and the guilty)Perhaps it's not on the date as indicated, but the other topics didn't spark anything in me and this one did, particularly as it's ironic that it fell on January 11, which I always remember as my first best friend's birthday....more