Making Something Out Of Something Nothing?

 I have this habit of reading various articles I find on the internet. I live for articles from the website, because they use humor to prove their points. They also love to point out Easter Eggs in shows, movies, music, and I happen to live for various behind the scene knowledge like that. ...more

My First Memory

I have perky personality and a quirky sense of humour. My optimistic outlook on life rarely wavers in the face of adversity, even though I am married to a rather taciturn man with a pessimistic outlook on life. It is a comical situation given that we have been inseparable for 35 years....more
inevertoldher gee, maybe I should have looked taciturn up before I used it!  these ...more

Stories Never Die

 I had travelled quite a distance to visit a magical place from my childhood, the birthplace of stories and dreams, where imagination and creativity took flight,  never weighed down by commonsense. BUT my tiny kingdom had been destroyed by progress. i stood  on hot concrete, staring incredulously at a large edifice of glass like steel and steel like glass. searching my memories,i did not see this...more
inevertoldher not too sappy? good- I try to avoid sappy drivelmore

Childhood Christmas Nostalgia

As I was sipping a cup of Silk Road's "Spicy Mandarin" tea, I realized that my memories of Christmas past and dreams of Christmases present and future are inextricably linked to the scents and flavours of the holiday season. ...more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

When I was a kid, we had a gigantic yard (about an acre), and we had some monstrous maple trees.  Naturally, this meant we’d end up with leaves all over the yard as they began to fall off of the trees.  Ordinarily, we had this sweeper behind our riding lawnmower and we’d just drive around and pick up all the leaves – we didn’t have to rake the entire acre....more

There's Almost Always A Reason

And I finally figured out what the reason was....  ...more

remembering southern california

Haha - I can relate.  We lived there for about 18 years in various towns - great memories but do ...more

Playing dressup

Despite the fact that as an adult I've never much liked wearing costumes, "playing dressup" was a favourite source of amusement, providing hours and hours of fun and stimulating my fertile imagination, when I was a child. ...more

Bread Making, I Still Like It

Well, as long as it's one loaf at a time. Hail to the bakers who are up at the crack of dawn, making hundreds or thousands of loaves a day. I've never been a huge bread person but every once in a while I like a warm piece of toast, slathered in butter. It takes me back to my childhood, especially when the days are cool. I've decided, for the time being to make my own bread. It's been several years since I've done this and I think it will be a while before the loaves are to my exact liking....more
The smell of bread rising is one of my favourite childhood memories. My mother didn't bake bread ...more

Did You Have Special Sunday Dinners When You Were A Child?

 Did You Have Special Sunday Dinners When You Were A Child?...more