Kitchen Memories

This cross stitch was hanging in my Mamaw’s (paternal grandmother) kitchen. When she moved in with my parents my mom hung it in her kitchen. Now it is hanging in my kitchen....more
I hope you find photos!more

Baking Bread

Do you still get those annoying chain emails that ask you simple questions and your job is to answer them as creatively as possible before sending it on to the next person?  I'll admit when I'm needing a break, I will still complete the questions at times with the silliest answers I can think of at the moment.  For example, one recently asked the usual, 1. Name...which I put my nickname as a high school student (that I will not list for the world to see).  2. Work...and so forth.  Two questions actually made me cry....more

I envied her pram....

 I envied her pram…Her what?Yes, it’s sad but true….The toy that I wished I had as a child was my friend’s pram....more

How to Love Horses Forever.

 We were born this way....more


My mum used to be such an angry woman, with dark moods and a frustrated temper.  She always had an eighties perm and a frown on her face.Mum seemed to be in the kitchen for what seemed to be my entire childhood, making a mess and a fuss over the simplest of meals.  I remember the smell of the ironing and the huge pile of dad's shirts and our school uniforms.  She would set herself up in the corner of the kitchen, the iron hissing as she stared into the surrendered fabric....more

Ghosts of my childhood

I see a hint of her from the corner of my eye as I walk down a busy street. There she is watching me through store windows that distort my already misshapen body like funhouse mirrors. When I try to catch her spying on me, she vanishes.Sitting in the neighborhood cafe, sipping coffee with two creams and a sugar, picking praline pecans from my cinnamon roll, I feel her disapproving stare on my exposed neck. Reaching up to settle my prickling skin, I nervously laugh at my foolishness....more

Cherished Childhood Friends Provide a Reason to Keep Blogging

I got the most unexpected and sweet email message last night from R, a childhood friend.Some background: R and her family (mom, dad, sister and brother) lived in a house across the alley from my family’s house in West Virginia all the years I did, from the age of about two through college....more

My 1970s childhood memories

Inspired by NaBloPoMo writing prompt for Monday, July 7, 2014: Which former decade do you wish you could time travel and visit? Why? ...more
marisab Thanks for sharing your memories - love it! :)more

Eating breakfast for dinner

I'm guessing I was not all that different from most kids in this regard, but the first words from my mouth when I bounded into the house after school were usually, "What's for dinner?" On the very odd occasion, my heart was filled with dread because my mom's quiet answer to my question was simply, "Meat." See, I knew that if we were having chicken, she'd say chicken. If she'd made a roast, she'd tell me we were having roast beef. But if she said "meat" - oh, the horror! - I knew the feature at dinner that night would be my worst nightmare: liver. ...more

A Mother's Touchstone

As a mom to three kids, I do a lot of going in and out of my house. Each time I go to meet a bus, or get into my mom-mobile, I revisit a piece of my childhood and one of my most treasured possessions…my quartz rock.The rock sits among shrubs from our home’s previous owners and some flowers and perennials I’ve planted. About a foot long, the rock blends in with its surroundings. It also stands out as something unique. Just like it did when it was in my mother’s garden. First in the house we lived in until I was nine and now at the house my parents remain in today....more