My Adopted Son Needs Help...and the State Doesn't Care

The news media is full of stories of parents abusing and neglecting  their  adopted children and stories of mentally ill indivials harming others. As  parent, I think to myself, how many of these parents have sought help for their children and not recieved it?  Why aren't we hearing about that? Please, read my story. People need to know that there is very little in way of support and help for these children....more
Crissa Yvonne That is exactly what I hoped to gain by writing this post. Thank you.more

Dear Jones (A goodbye letter to my sons hallucination)

Dear Jones,I certainly understand why you would want to be inside the mind of my sweet Potato. The creativity and imagination that he possesses must have been hard for you to pass up. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to crawl up there and see the world as he sees it....more