Obese child removed from home:Is obesity neglect/abuse?

Pat Riteout, administrator for Child and Family Services, Ohio said "it is a case of medical neglect"...he has a "potentially life threatening form of sleep apnea that is exacerbated by his morid obesity." If this is accurate, was removal from his home the only option? The 8 year old weighs 218 #'s. The average 8 year old is 60 #'s. Social workers said they empathized with the family. They state their goal is still to reunite the child with his mother....more

Add Water and Stir: Can We Reconstitute Home Economics?

Back in the 1970′s across the USA in high schools, there were core classes that were mandatory for girls.  These classes were called “Home Ec.”  This stands for Home economics.  In these classes,  they taught everything from manners to sitting correctly in a skirt or dress, cooking, flower arranging and putting a zipper in a skirt.  These were all important skills for the modern woman of the time!...more
My sister was the same way. She had no interest in cooking as she grew up, but once she got ...more

Taking Obese Children From Their Parents

Recently, Harvard University child obesity expert Dr. David Ludwig advocated for the removal of severely obese children from their homes. An estimated two million children in the United States would qualify for this government intervention. Say what?...more
Cite your source on "overweight infants are almost always developmentally delayed." I was an ...more

Why I Don't Watch My Kids' Weight

I don't worry about my kids weight or their body shapes, because I don't want them to. I make sure they know that bodies come in all sizes and that theirs are perfect just the way they are. And then I make sure they have access to bikes, I save one dollar bills so they can go swimming all summer, I make sure they have free access to nutritious foods and I get out of the way....more
New way of thinking. It does make sense.  Thank you for the great post!more

TOP 3 Worst Media Messages on Body Image of 2011...and it's only May!

#3. Skechers Shape-ups marketed to young girls ...more

Why on EARTH does a "kid" on Glee need Botox? Aren't kids fresh-looking ...more

Worst Media Messaging: May, 2011 - Childhood Obesity

I simply could not resist sharing this with you.  Sadly, these are REAL billboards!  Michael Katz, MD, MSPresident, EatingKids.comwww.EatingKids.com...more


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As for parents...I wrote ...more

Get Out and PLAY!!!

If you thought your child just had a little bit of remaining baby fat, you may be surprised to find out that "they" have decided that you child is no longer just pudgy, but is now considered obese. Yes, obese. According to a recently published study by Indiana University, children should start being screened for obesity at the ripe old age of 2, instead of the usual age of 6....more

Michelle Obama Could Learn Something from 1970s PSA Commercials

It isn't a secret that Michelle Obama is on the front lines in the war on childhood obesity. She has no problems making her own daughters pawns in that war as she talks about their BMIs and how concerned she was to see those number creeping up. This war on childhood obesity has been on my mind a lot lately. I think it sucks. But I also know that things didn't suddenly start sucking for fat kids with the current US administration....more

Do You Think You're Heavy? Do You Think Your Children Are?

The difference between alternative and commonplace is just that: the former is something not commonly seen – something that stands out.  But something commonplace is that kind of invisible standard; something we’re so used to that we don’t even think about it or take note of its consequences. With two third of adults overweight in this country, along with one third of our children, being fat is now commonplace. In fact, more adults are fat than are slim....more

Why Spanish School Lunches Beat Ours By A Mile

Today I swiped something from my school in the name of being an informative blogger.  (See the things I do for you?)  I thought it would be fun to discuss...*dun dun dun*...a Spanish school lunch menu....more
This is SO neat! I love a lot of Spanish/latin food so this menu is right up my alley. Plus it ...more