Dead Girl Walking

….And the School Nurse says, “Next…” and you are walking the last mile.  Unlike the walk to the “chamber” or the “chair” there was no “last meal request.”  In fact, you haven’t eaten since noon the previous day when the principal announced over the P.A. that, “Tomorrow is Weight Day.”...more

Love. So much love.more

The Cycle Eggspress! Breakfast on Wheels!

Breakfast is Cece’s favorite meal of the day,….and she loves eggs!  She considers them the ultimate in comfort food.  So, when she came across an article on Bill Wurtzel in the NY Times, she was thrilled to see his creative take on breakfasts!  Oh!  How much fun!...more

Georgie Porgie Puddin & Pie

There. I did it. I put my daughter’s name on the internet. Wait a second while I look to see if the sky has fallen…Nope. Still here.  Okay, so her name is not Puddin Pie, although that is her pet name. Her name is Georgia. And my sweet, loving, compassionate for all things great and small daughter is fat. Yeah, yeah, I know I am not supposed to say that. And I don’t. It just about killed me to type it. But you know what? She knows it. I know it, and everyone around her at school, all our family and strangers even know it....more

You're welcome. Again, sorry I jumped on you there. Yes, there are lots of well thought-out ...more

Woman sues McDonald's for putting toys in Happy Meals

I was watching Nightline last night (no, the going to bed on time thing isn't working out, why do you ask?) and they had a story about Monet Parham suing McDonald's because they put toys in Happy Meals. *gasp* I know! When did that start?! Her main reasons: My baby is begging for unhealthy food just to get the toy....more

Nutrition, not Calories: Childhood Obesity Meets Childhood Anorexia

Obesity may be unhealthy, but so are other food-related problems. Just this week, the news broke that eating disorders are on the rise among children younger than twelve. Girls — and some boys, though the problem tends to be a gendered one — as young as 7 and 8 are being admitted to hospitals for the problem usually associated with teens. ...more
Hello Ms. Cate,   I agree with the difficulty with single-sightedness in the "children need to ...more

Baby Fat

“The Michelin Baby” is grabbing headlines everywhere, and I can’t be the only person asking, really, news organizations?  “The Michelin Baby?” I realize that in order to get the public to read your articles and look at your photos, you need a catchy headline – something that people can easily recognize and remember.  I fail to see how that need translates into using an offensive comparison to label such a young baby.  Yes, his rolls make him look like the Michelin Man – I get it – and maybe my time on the internet has led me to become hyper-sensitive to insu...more

How I edited my life at age 11

Hey there.  How's your story going?...You know. The one you are living? What do I mean? Well, there's a buncha folks talking about this very thing over at Chris Brogan's blog:...more

trust me we fool many :) tee hee. denise is shakin her head to that comment.
seriously, when i ...more

10 Tips To Help Reduce the Psychological Toll of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is taking a huge toll on the health of our kids.  Diseases that in the past have only been seen in adults, are (for the first time) being seen in children.  And these are serious medical conditions that can potentially reduce the life span of our children by up to 20 years. ...more

I love these tips, great list! I think something left out would be the value of teaching kids ...more

Eat Healthy For Life, Not Weight Loss

We know that the food we put into our body can have a huge affect on our health and quality of life, but many of us still choose to eat unhealthy foods.  The unhealthy stuff tastes really good, and we don't usually have cravings for healthy food.  That's exactly why obesity is such a large problem for both adults and children in our country...But is dieting the answer?  I don't think so.  Dieting can often lead to a roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain that leaves many weighing more in the long run. ...more
Nicely put. I've been trying to eat healthier lately and my body has finally come around to not ...more