Who Is To Blame For Childhood Obesity? Take A Poll.

Who is to blame for childhood obesity? There certainly seems to be a lot of blame to go around. Are the parents to blame? Katherine Berry from Pajamas Media wrote... ...more

... in making such a reasonable reply to my rant.  Thank you for that. 

I did ...more

Brand New: My Pyramid for Preschoolers

This weekend, the U.S. Department of Agriculture unveils MyPyramid for Preschoolers, part of an effort by the USDA to reach parents and caregivers who prepare children's meals. ...more

I took a look at the site and was able to create a pyramid for my daughter. So hopefully ...more

Yet Another Compelling Reason Why Our Children Should Not Drink Soda

I think by now most of us have heard at least one reason why soda is just not that good for any of us to drink, but especially our kids. The other day I was flipping through the November Issue of Family Circle in my doctor's office (where else do you get a chance to read it?) when I came across another disturbing reason why we should all stop buying soda. ...more

My son turned 18 in November and about 3 months ago he began experiencing an odd shortness of ...more

Mommy, Am I Fat?

At what point does your daughter start saying that? I was talking to a friend of mine recently about girls and body image, and she mentioned a friend of hers had a reality check when her five-year-old put on a pair of jeans, turned around, and checked out her butt in the mirror.  Because that's what she saw her mother do every day while getting dressed. OUUUCH. ...more

My daughter asked me how many calories were in her juice box!  That got me going.  She was ...more

3 Ways to Get Your Kids Outside

Welcome to my Green Hour blog! I'm working on a project by the National Wildlife Federation that aims to help parents get their kids outside for part of an hour every day. Here's what we're about. Here are three activities you can do with your kids in the backyard or in a neighborhood park: 1. Make a Nature Journal ...more

Thanks for the reminder that we need to make sure our kids have some outside time and stay ...more

Childhood Obesity: Should We Give Children Cholesterol Lowering Medications?

I've written several posts about the epidemic of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is very serious, mainly because of all the secondary problems associated with it, including death. ...more

I'm puzzled by the AAP guidelines since there is no evidence that the use of statins in ...more

The Small Screen with the Big Impact

I hate SpongeBob. Okay, not exactly SpongeBob, but more precisely I have a strong suspicion of all commercial media aimed at my child. You see, a rather frightening statistic is that, on average, children watch FOUR HOURS of TV per day. For these children, that means 30,000 commercials a year. 80 percent are for junk foods. ...more

The Montessori school my kids attend actively discourages "screen time" in general, ...more

The Inflated, Overblown "Cost of Obesity"

Daniel Engber (associate editor at Slate) wrote an excellent op-ed for Sunday's Dallas Morning News slamming politicians for consistently blaming the "obesity crisis" for the rising costs of health care. In fact, our country's abysmal body image problem is the crisis we should really be talking about. ...more

Obesity Panic Triggers Disordered Eating in Kids

By now we've all heard about the big, bad childhood obesity epidemic. In fact, we've heard so much about it that our collective fear of fat is probably hurting kids more than it's helping them. Read more ...more

Childhood Obesity - A Threat to our Public Health

About 33% of US children and adolescents between the age of 2 and 19 years old are overweight and 17.1% of those are obese ...more