8 Tough Truths To Consider When Your Partner Doesn't Want Kids

When folks decide to remain childless, it seems they're open to criticism from everyone from internet trolls to the Pope himself....more
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The Special Bond That Comes With Childfree Friendships

One of the things the childfree know is how friendships so often change when their friends have children. Friendships can be challenged, can wane, even end. But they don't have to; they can still go the distance....more

What to Expect When You'll Never Be Expecting

The October issue of Women's Health Magazine has an article by Carrie Anton that takes a clever angle on what to expect from others in reaction to the childfree choice....more

On the Childfree Changing Their Minds

About a year ago, I asked the childfree to write in their answer to this On-the-Ground question: What childfree stereotype have you been subjected to most in your life?" I did the "top 10" things people wrote in about, and the #1 thing people said is the same as what I have been getting a lot of email from frus...more

Bringing Back August 1st as Non-Parents Day

We have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and so many other “Days” from Secretary Day to even National Vanilla Ice Cream Day–I kid you not! But back in the 70s there was a “Day” that it’s time to bring back – Non-Parents Day - which at one time was celebrated on August 1st....more

Why It's Time to Put the "You'll Change Your Mind" Childfree Misconception to Rest

Slate recently asked to hear from the childfree who are happy, and they have been posting on what they've received....more

5 Things NOT to Say to the Childfree

I was recently interviewed for an article in womansday on what not to say to the childfree. Writer Charlotte Lavala asked me about "cringe-worthy" things women can say to their childfree woman friends. I gave her a boatload of ideas, and a couple landed in the article. Here is more of what I told her:1. Asking, "Is/Are your ______ ok with you not wanting kids?" Fill in "husband" or "parents" or "grandparents"....more
Implying that the child-free don't have kids because they're selfish. Ask a parent why they ...more

The "Breeder" Shoe on the Other Foot

Check out this post on The Childfree Life. What poster "selfishwoman" experienced exemplifies what can happen when people make assumptions, and why some childfree can get criticized for "breeder" talk.......more

Unintentional Insults on the Childless & Childfree

On the topic of what not to say to childfree friends (and why), I recently saw this article by blogger Nicole Ciomelc about one of the worst bingoes the childfree and childless in particular can get. It puts a spotlight on how the childfree and the childless have the experience of unintentional insults in common....more

New Data on Childlessness From The National Survey of Family Growth

The National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG) has a new report out on fertility statistics for the years 2006-2010. The NSFG is one of the few organizations who break the "childlessness"category out into "voluntary," "involuntary" and "temporary." The report is packed with data; here are some highlights of findings in the childlessness area....more